Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group

UCD is committed to providing an inclusive work environment for faculty, staff and students of the university, and this is demonstrated in Strategic Objective 5 of the University Strategic Plan “Attract and retain an excellent and diverse cohort of students, faculty and staff”. 

The UMT Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group was established in September 2015 to support the achievement of this strategic objective and to promote an inclusive and diverse work and study environment for all.

This group plays an important role in the mainstreaming of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the University for faculty, staff and students as the university develops and delivers processes, makes policy decisions and plans programmes and projects. The group leads out on equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives and makes recommendations to the University Management Team.

The EDI group is chaired by Professor Colin Scott, College Principal for Social Sciences and Law and is supported by the Equality and Diversity unit.

EDI Group Members

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Membership of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group 2018 - 2021:

  • Professor Colin Scott (Chair, VP for EDI)
  • James Alkayed (Student Societies)
  • Mahdi Amina (Research)
  • PJ Barron (Estate Services Representative)
  • Dr Conor Buggy (LGBT Staff Network)
  • Dr Marta Bustillo (Library)
  • Rory Carey (Director of Culture & Engagement, UCD HR)
  • Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty (Gender Equality Action Group)
  • Dr Sinéad Critchley (University Secretariat)
  • Dr Antonella Ferrecchia (Women @ STEMM)
  • Philip Fischer (IT Services)
  • Professor Patricia Fitzpatrick (EDI Representative, College of Health & Agricultural Sciences)
  • Marcellina Fogarty (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager)
  • Elaine Hickey (Quality Office)
  • Shauna Hughes (International Office)
  • Anna Kelly (Access and Lifelong Learning)
  • Tina Lowe (Disability Staff Network)
  • Maura McGinn (Director of Institutional Research)
  • Thomas Monaghan (Campaigns & Communications, Student Union)
  • Andy Myler (Registry - Administrative Services)
  • Professor Grace Mulcahy (Widening Participation Committee)
  • Ciarán OhUltacháin (LGBT Staff Network)
  • Melissa Plunkett (Welfare, Student Union)
  • Mark Simpson (Engagement & Communications Group )
  • Dr Dorota Szelewa (Multicultural Group)

Vice Principals for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: 

  • Professor Danielle Clarke (College of Arts and Humanities)
  • Professor Judith Harford (College of Social Sciences and Law)
  • Dr Elizabeth Shotton (College of Engineering and Architecture)
  • Dr Antoinette Perry (College of Science)

Terms of Reference

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) - Terms of Reference

EDI Sub-Groups

Various Sub-Groups feed into the EDI Group as follows: