Breastfeeding Facilities in UCD:

Breastfeeding facilities in UCD can be located by using the interactive Estates Services Map (click here:

Select ‘Welfare’ under Category and then select ‘Breastfeeding Room’ or ‘Rest Room’ under Service Type. The room will be displayed on the map, and details including the room name, location and facilities will be shown below the map. All of these facilities are suitable for breastfeeding, although they appear under different names. 


Below is a summary of the facilities available in UCD, please refer to 'Room Type' when using the Estates Services Map to locate these rooms:

Building Location Room Type Access Contact
O'Brien Centre for Science Room E 0.12 (beside Moore Auditorium) Rest Room / Welfare Room Access on request - granted by Welcome Centre Science Welcome Centre, ext. 2845
Tierney Building Ground floor (beside ladies' toilet) Rest Room Open access (through 'Staff Only' double doors)   n/a
Health Sciences Centre Room B3.23 Breastfeeding Room Open access   n/a
Smurfit School of Business (Blackrock) Room E118, Gound floor  Rest Room / Welfare Maternity Room  Open access  n/a
Conway Building  Second floor Breastfeeding Room Access control rights required  TBC


Provisions in relation to Protective Leave and Health and Safety Leave during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Employers are obliged to provide breastfeeding employees with either a reduction in working hours, or subject to nominal cost, breastfeeding facilities to express breastmilk in the workplace for up to 6 months after the birth.

Please contact the SIRC (Safety, Insurance, Operational Risk, & Compliance) Office at or extension 8768 or 8771.