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UCD Equality Studies Centre

Ionad Staidéar an Chomhionannais UCD

Staff Profiles

John Baker
BA (Oxon.); MA (Toronto); BPhil (Oxon.);

Senior Lecturer

As an advocate of dialogue in the pursuit of equality and social justice, John initiated and maintains EQUAL-L. This Irish electronic information-exchange network is designed to stimulate thought and discussion on equality-related issues among participants. He has been an active member of SIPTU, the Labour Party, the Basic Income European Network, pro-choice and anti-war campaigns, along with his residents’ association. His teaching areas include Political Theory of Equality; Equality Studies Seminars; Egalitarian Theory; Democratic Theory; Contemporary political Theory. His research interests are egalitarian theory, democratic theory, equality studies.

Selected Publications

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Carlos Bruen
BA (Psychoanalysis)(HETAC); MSc EqualSt (NUI)
Teaching & Research Fellow

Carlos Bruen is a Research Fellow in the Equality Studies Centre. He completed the masters course in Equality Studies in 2001, and is currently undertaking a PhD in the Institute of Social Psychology, LSE on social representations of international development in Ireland. His research interests include critical approaches to global politics and international development, discourse analysis, and social representations. He is co-ordinator of and teaches on the UCD Horizons module 'Global Justice: Towards an Egalitarian World Order', and teaches modules dealing with online researching on the Research Methods programme for students attending the Equality Studies MSc programme.


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Sara Cantillon
BA (Mod) (Dubl), MA (Dubl), MSc (Equality Studies) (NUI), PhD (Kent)
Head of School & Senior Lecturer

Sara's areas of research over the past ten years have been very broad, ranging from economic forecasting (Quarterly Economic Commentary 1992-1995 and Medium Term Review), to multinational activity, to wage bargaining processes. Over the last five years research activity has been concentrated on microeconomic and micro social issues with three main areas, namely, intra-household resource allocation, gender and poverty and economics and inequality.

Her teaching areas are Economics of Social Policy; Comparative Economic Systems; Equality Studies Seminar Programme; Research Methodologies.

Selected Publications

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Jurgen De Wispelaere
BSc (Occupational Therapy), MA (Ethics)

Jurgen is a former health care workder turned academic, but he retains a lively interest in a wide variety of public issues. He is currently primarily involved in promoting the implementation of a basic income (an income granted to each individual irrespective of a means test or work requirement). Jurgen is on the Board of Trustees of the UK-based Citizen's Income Trust ( and an Executive Committee Member of the Basic Income European Network (BIEN -

Jurgen's teaching areas are Sociology of Inequality and Research Methods. His research interests are Philosophy and Politics of Egalitarianism; Non-ideal Theories of Justice; Employment Regulation, Basic Income and Stakeholder Policy; Democratic Theory and Political Extremism

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Pauline Faughnan
BSocSc (NUI); MSocSc (NUI); PhD (NUI)
Senior Research Fellow

Pauline Faughnan is Senior Research Fellow at the Equality Studies Centre where she co-ordinates the UCD Egalitarian World Initiative (EWI) and works on the Centre’s research programmes. She also works with CAN, a community development organisation, on developing an action research programme to tackle health inequalities.

The EWI, hosted by the Equality Studies Centre, is a university-wide initiative which spans research, teaching, civil society engagement and public policy dialogue. At the core of the EWI is a network of staff drawn from all five UCD colleges who are interested in maximising the impact of their shared interests and diverse expertise in mainstreaming an ethical global perspective university-wide.

Prior to joining the Equality Studies Centre Pauline Faughnan worked within the Social Science Research Centre UCD where she established and implemented the Programme of Applied Social Science Research. She also was the EU Research Co-Ordinator within the SSRC for a number of years and served as the Irish representative on the EU COST (Co-Operation in the Field of Science and Technology) and as expert to the EU Economic and Social Committee in the preparation of ‘Opinions’ on Social Exclusion, the Green Paper on Social Policy and the White Paper on European Social Policy.

Active in the national social policy arena over several years, Pauline Faughnan has served as a member of the Expert Group on the preparation of the White Paper on the Voluntary Sector in Ireland; on the Advisory Group to the Government Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities and on the White Paper Research Steering Committee in the Department of Social and Family Affairs. She has also served as Board member of a number of national not for profit social service, campaigning and community development organisations and worked full time within these sectors for several years.

Research interests include equality issues relating to new ethnic minority communities and people with disabilities; health inequalities; civil society; community development and social change; the environment; and participatory and emancipatory research methodologies.


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Bernie Grummell
BA (NUI); MSocSc (NUI); PhD (NUI)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Bernie Grummell is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the UCD Equality Studies Centre, School of Social Justice, University College Dublin. She is currently completing research on the Senior Appointments in Education: a study of management culture project, a project funded by the Department of Education and Science.  

Her research interests include equality issues in education and the media, public service broadcasting, civil society and adult education, and qualitative and discourse analysis research methods. She completed her Ph.D in 2004 on the role of educational television in everyday life and civil society in Ireland (National University of Ireland, UCD) and was awarded the RTÉ Audience Research Fellowship for this research.

She has previously worked as a researcher for the National Adult Literacy Agency/Department of Education and Science on the Read Write Now multi-media project (2000-2), the EUN SchoolNet Research project for RTÉ (2000) and as an Assistant Researcher on the Right To Learn adult education TV series (1994-6). She also worked as Lecturer in the School of Sociology, UCD teaching undergraduate courses on social theory, research methods and communications (2000-5). Before that, she worked as a Teaching Assistant and Occasional Lecturer in the School of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, UCD; the School of Communications, DCU (1999) and as a Tutor and Examiner for the National Distance Education Centre, DCU.


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Elizabeth Hassell
BA (Dubl); MA(Dubl); MPhil (Peace Studies) (Dubl); Teachers Diploma in Information Technology (Applications) (JEB)

Equality Studies & School Administration

Contact Details:
Room 511 Library Building,
UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Tel: + 353 1 716 7104
Fax 716 1107

Prior to joining the staff of UCD in 2000, Elizabeth spent most of her working life to date as project worker, development education co-ordinator and financial administrator in the informal education (youth services) and not-for-profit sector. Elizabeth has been full-time administrator in the Equality Studies Centre since 2002. 


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Catherine Lynch
BA, M Equal St. (NUI)

Catherine Lynch has been active in the areas of racism and interculturalism since 1999. She works with a range of NGOs and statutory bodies, particularly those working in the areas of anti-racism and with a focus on womens and minority ethnic groups.

Catherine also participates in a range of committees that are involved in the areas of children and childcare; interculturaism, education and curriculum; equality and anti-racism.

Catherine's teaching areas are Racism and Anti-Racism. Her research interests are Racism/Anti-Racism; Diversity Management/working with diversity; Minority ethnic groups; Women from minority ethnic groups; Intersections of oppressions; Education; Community development.

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Professor Kathleen Lynch,
BSocSc (NUI); MSocSc (NUI); PhD (NUI); Dip Community Development
Chair of Equality Studies

Kathleen has a deep and long standing commitment to the understanding and promotion of equality and social justice both locally and globally. To that end she has been actively engaged in research and policy development with both statutory and non-governmental organisations committed to equality over the last twenty years. She is a member of the board of a number of non-governmental organisations and has served on a number of government-appointed bodies with an equality.

Her teaching areas are Feminist Theory, Education and the Reproduction of Inequality and Equality Studies Seminars. Her research areas include equality in education emancipatory research, the role of the university in social change and theoretical issues in equality studies.

Selected publications

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Dr Maureen Lyons
B SocSc (NUI), M SocSc (NUI), PhD (QUB), Dip Statistics (Dubl)
Research Manager

Maureen Lyons is Managerof the UCD Equality Studies Centre’s Research Unit. Prior to this, she worked in the Homeless Agency as Head of Research. She had previously worked as Senior Research Officer in the Equality Studies Centre on a study on the teaching and learning of mathematics in Irish post-primary schools. She is a graduate of UCD and Queen’s University, Belfast where she completed her doctorate in Sociology on the issue of women returning to the labour market via State-sponsored training and education programmes. She is the co-author of Inside Classrooms: the teaching and learning of Mathematics in social context (2003), Getting out of the House: women returning to employment, education and training (2002) and Marital Breakdown and Family Law in Ireland (1995). Her earlier experience of policy-related research was gained during her employment at The University of Limerick (UL), The National College of Industrial Relations (NCIR) and The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) (NCIR). Her research areas include gender and the labour market, family law, homelessness, equality in education and care. 


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Patrick McDonnell
BA, MEd, PhD, HDipEd, DipTeachDear, DipAppliedLing


Patrick McDonnell is a teacher in a school for deaf pupils in Dublin. He has worked with the Irish Deaf community on a number of projects including the first Irish Sign Lanauge tutor and interpreter training programme to be conducted in Ireland. He also played a key role in efforts to establish the Centre for Deaf Studies which is now located in Trinity College Dublin.

Patrick's teaching areas are Disability Issues and Equality; Equality Studies Seminars; Research Workshops; Inclusive Education; Special Educational Needs; Deaf Studies; Sign Linguistics. His research interests are Disability and Society, with particular reference to the work of Michel Foucault; 'Deep Structures' in Special Education; Inclusive Education - Policies and Practices; Sign Linguistics with particular reference to Irish Sign Language.


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Marie Moran
BA (Dubl.), MSc (EqualSt) (NUI)
Lecturer in Equality Studies

Marie Moran is Research Scholar in The Equality Studies Centre. She graduated from the Masters programme in Equality Studies in 2002 and is currently undertaking a PhD entitled “Identity Politics and the Logic of Capital”. Her research interests include new social theory, theories of late capitalism, political theory and post-structuralism. She currently co-ordinates and teaches the research workshops in the Centre, and works in a part-time capacity on the Centre’s Outreach programme.

Select Publications

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Phyllis Murphy
B.Sc. (NUI), M. Equality St. (NUI), Ph.D. (NUI), H. Dip in Ed.(UCD)

Outreach Programme Co-ordinator; Lecturer

Phyllis co-ordinates the Equality Studies Centre outreach programme. She also works extensively in support and research activities with community development organisations and local development partnerships. She is committed to exploring issues of equality in society and is engaged in project evaluation, programme planning and reviews.

She teaches equality studies on the outreach certificate programme. Her research areas include educational disadvantage, unemployment and equality issues relating to Travellers, disadvantaged young people and women.

Selected publications

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Judy Walsh
Barrister at Law. LL.B. (UCC), LL.M. (UCC)
College Lecturer and Director of Equality Studies

Judy's teaching areas are Equality and the Law, Gender, the Law and the Legal System, Egalitarian Theory and Research Methods.

Her research interests include human rights, equality law, feminist and socio-legal theory.

She is engaged in policy work on behalf of a number of human rights organisations and is currently co-chair of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties. In that capacity Judy has authored submissions on Ireland's compliance with international human rights instruments such as CEDAW and ICCPR, as well as numerous briefing papers on issues of concern to community and voluntary groups.

Recent publications include Equality: From Theory to Action (London:Palgrave-Macmillan, 2004), co-authored with colleagues at Equality Studies, and a chapter on socio-legal theory in T. Murphy (ed.), Western Jurisprudence (Dublin; London: Thompson Round Hall, 2004). 

Selected publications

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