Intergenerational Transmission and
Ethno-National Identity in the Border Area
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Lead Investigator: Dr Jennifer Todd
BA (Kent), MA (Boston), PhD (Boston)
Jennifer Todd lectures in the Department of Politics, UCD and is one of the leaders of the Identity, Diversity and Citizenship Programme at the Institute for the Study of Social Change, UCD. Her research and publications have centred on the constitution and conditions of conflict and settlement in Northern Ireland and contemporary ethnic and centre-periphery conflict in Europe. Her present research is on the generation and dispersal of national and ethnic conflict in a period of globalisation, with particular reference to changes in national and ethnic identities.
Tel : (00 353) 1 716 4619

Research Coordinators:

Dr Nathalie Rougier
Licence, Maîtrise, DEA (Clermont-Ferrand), PhD (Ulster)
Nathalie Rougier has studied Psychology at Blaise Pascal University (Clermont-Ferrand, France) for six years before moving to Northern Ireland to complete a PhD on Clergy’s Ethno-Religious Identities in Ireland, North and South, at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown (2001). Her main research interests revolve around issues of identity development and redefinition over time and context; individuals’ value and belief systems (Informal Ideologies); intergroup processes and inter-cultural/inter-ethnic relations.
Tel: (00 353) 1 716 4636

Dr Lorenzo Cañás Bottos
Licenciado (Buenos Aires), MA, PhD (Manchester)
Lorenzo Cañás Bottos has studied at the Universidad de Buenos Aires for five years before moving to the University of Manchester to complete a MA (1999) and PhD (2004) in Social Anthropology. He has done research amongst Old Colony Mennonites in Bolivia and Argentina, focusing on issues of identity, kinship, religious conflict and conversion, globalisation, and nation-state formation.
Tel: (00 353) 1 716 4635





Lead Investigator: Dr Orla Muldoon
RGN, BSSc, PhD, PGCUT, Cpsychol
Orla Muldoon is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology. Her research interests revolve around three main themes: Peace and Conflict: Psychological explanations of intergroup conflict; Examination of the social and psychological impact of armed conflict, the role of identity in inter-group conflict - Social Development: Social context and adjustment in childhood; Development of social identities - Health Psychology: Stress and coping; Psychosocial aspects of health; Gendered work in health care settings.
Tel: (00 44) 28 9097 4283

Co-Investigator: Dr Karen Trew
BA, PhD, Cpsychol
Karen Trew is a Reader in the School of Psychology. Her research interests are linked by efforts to relate academic scholarship in the area of social psychology with practice and policy. She has been involved in research into the causes and consequences of conflict in Northern Ireland for over 20 years. This has included studies of social identity, socialisation and intergroup relations. Recent studies have included evaluations of a range of projects such as a two-generation intervention in a community context, a play-based early years curriculum and interventions designed to widen access to universities.
Tel: (00 44) 28 9097 4219

Researcher: Dr Katrina McLaughlin
BSc (Magee), PhD (QUB)
Katrina McLaughlin completed a BSc Honours Degree in Psychology at Magee College University of Ulster (1997). She then moved to Queen’s University, Belfast and completed a PhD entitled Work and Family: Experiences of Mothers and Fathers (2003). Her main research interests relate to issues of roles and identities within families, balancing conflict in the family environment, and the construction and effects of gender and social class on life experience.
Tel: (00 44) 28 9097 4581


Participating Investigators

Dr Dominic Bryan - Institute of Irish Studies, QUB
Prof. John Coakley - Politics, IDC & IBIS, UCD
Dr Alice Feldman - Sociology & IDC, UCD
Prof. Tom Inglis - Sociology & IDC, UCD

Associated Investigators

Dr Martin Dowling (ISSC, UCD) - Traditional Music and Identity
Dr Christopher Farrington (ISSC & IBIS, UCD) - The Politics of Ulster Unionism
Gladys Ganiel (Doctoral Student, UCD) – Evangelical Protestantism and Civil Society in NI
Dr Theresa O’Keefe (ISSC, UCD) - Identity, Diversity and Citizenship
Bert Preiss (Doctoral Student, UCD) - Justice and Stability in Divided Societies

Associated Research Advisors outside UCD

Dr Clare Cassidy (School of Psychology, University of St Andrews, Scotland)
Dr Nick Hopkins (Department of Psychology, University of Dundee, Scotland)
Prof. Michèle Lamont (Sociology Department, Harvard University, USA)
Dr Claire Mitchell (School of Sociology and Social Policy, QUB, Northern Ireland)