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Monday, 11 June 2018 - Sunday, 17 June 2018

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Take a Healthy UCD Walk this Summer

Healthy UCD has launched a new Healthy UCD walk around the campus. This walk utilises our woodland paths and has marks every 0.5km so you can easily keep track of the distance you cover when off for a walk. Each point also has map so you can see the route to the next point.

Click the Healthy UCD Walk map to find out where you can easily join the Healthy UCD walk or walking group.

Why don’t you spread the word and use #HealthyUCD when posting about the walk on social media!

Alternatively Choose from a range of walks detailed below - Download our App to guide you on your walk  

Download a copy of the UCD Woodland Walks Map and Guide, UCD 3 Lakes Walk, and UCD Sculpture Trail  from www.ucd.ie/community/explore-ucd/

UCD 3 Lakes Walk - 1.9km, duration 20-25 minutes
This walk links the hustle and bustle of student life to the tranquillity of the woodland boundary. Explore UCD’s 3 lakes including the new Upper Lake and ‘Secret’ lakes

Millennium Walk – 3.2km, duration 30-35 minutes

Following a meandering double line of oak trees, this path stretches from the UCD Bowl to the back of the UCD Veterinary Sciences Centre, and incorporates the UCD Newstead Precinct and the lakes and wild meadow at Woodview. The walk includes many features of ecological importance such as a pond and filter beds, a pine copse and wildflower meadow. This area has become a valuable habitat for wildlife and has a broad range of biodiversity. A Golden Ash Walk, Plane Walk and Cherry Grove are visited along this path.

Rosemount Walk – 1.8km, duration 20-25 minutes
This walk begins and ends at the UCD Sports Centre. It links the UCD Water Tower, Rosemount (UCD Environmental Research Station), UCD Oakmount Crèche, the Arboretum, and the O’Kane Centre for Film Studies situated in the Magnetic Observatory. The Arboretum is a living museum containing many rare and unusual trees dating back to the original Rosemount estate. The university continues to add specimen trees and has developed a woodland meadow in this area. A Birch Walk runs down the side of the Magnetic Observatory.

Belfield Walk – 2.4km, duration 30-35 minutes
Encompassing the academic core of the campus, this walk begins and ends at the entrance to the UCD James Joyce Library and forms a green link between the heart of the Belfield campus and the woodland periphery of the former estates. This walk passes O’Reilly Hall and the lake which is home to a number of wildlife species including swans, ducks, fish and a range of other aquatic based wildlife. The Elm Walk and Walnut Grove also feature along this path.

Glenomena Walk – 1.9km, duration 20-25 minutes
This walk joins 3.6 hectares of established woodland on campus including Belfield Wood which runs alongside Belfield House, Merville Wood which is located alongside Merville House (NovaUCD), and Foster’s Avenue Wood. The path includes the tree lined avenue to Merville House (a Georgian style, two storey ‘country villa’), and the Lime Walk.

Boundary Woodland Walk – 6.2km, duration 60-70 Minutes
Bringing the walks together, the 6.5km Boundary Woodland Walk extends around the perimeter of the campus to form a path linking the original and recently developed woodland areas with the wider campus landscape. Starting at the N11 entrance, this walk reveals some of the hidden treasures of the campus, such as the wildflower meadow and lakes at Woodview, the Belfield Arboretum, UCD’s growing collection of sculpture, a diverse array of wildlife, and many of the original period houses.


Category: Open Days
Venue : 7 walks across the UCD Belfield Campus
Contact: Mark Simpson
Audience: All welcome

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