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In line with the University's mission to be an inclusive and global university, and its own aim of promoting greater understanding of and concern for equality within Ireland and internationally, the Equality Studies Centre with the support of colleagues from all eleven faculties in UCD, commenced a university-wide initiative in the autumn of 2004. It is called the Egalitarian World Initiative (EWI). Over 100 members of UCD's academic staff are affiliated to the EWI.

The EWI aims to make UCD a world leader in research and teaching on equality, social justice and human rights. Its goal is not only to create a global centre of teaching and research excellence but also to integrate research and teaching programmes with outreach activities promoting social inclusion and policy analysis. Ultimately it is intended to establish an Institute for Global Justice and Equality.

The EWI will lead to the enhancement of institutional capacity in research and teaching on equality, social justice and human rights. It is currently developing an ambitious work programme, which spans research, teaching, civil society engagement, public policy dialogue and is oriented to strengthening the linkages and synergies between them.

The EWI is firmly rooted in the articulation of a shared vision. It has a strong values dimension based on a commitment to social justice, to action for a more just and equal world, and to working in a collaborative, dialogical and non-exploitative manner.

The initiative is guided by principles of deep democracy, academic excellence, love, care, solidarity, respect for colleagues and ethical integrity, in all of its work. It will be led by scholars who are global leaders in the field of equality and social justice and by activists from communities and bodies that are working to end global and local injustices. Its governance structures, as they develop, will be collegial, democratic and caring.

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