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Mr Frank Murray

From the age of nineteen, Frank Murray was a ‘migrant of adventure’, both documented and undocumented, working in 10 or more countries at various occupations between 1974 and 1997. He temporarily parked his rucksack to enter Lancaster University to take on a degree in Comparative Religions and Creative Writing followed soon after by an MA in Community Development Practice through NUI Galway in 2004.  Since then he has been working very closely with the Brazilian community of Gort, County Galway as coordinator for the NUIG Outreach Programme, Research assistant for the NUIG Child & Family Study Department and now currently as the Development Worker for the Gort Family Resource Centre.

Brief Synopsis of  Research to be Undertaken for the UCD/CPA/EWI Scholarship

The research to be undertaken will be aimed at identifying and documenting the current levels of poverty affecting the undocumented section of Brazilian migrants in Gort, County Galway. This work will also attempt to shine light on the particular set of circumstances which have contributed to the present situation and to examine other methods of dealing with similar situations which may help to evolve better practice around certain key migrant issues.







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