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PRA and Civil Society Engagement

Professor Eileen Kane (EWI Marie Curie Fellow) is offering a programme on Participatory Research and Action (PRA) to a group of community development organisations from Dublin and Cork working together to tackle health inequalities. This training programme is delivered through four modules between June 2007 and December 2007.  The four organisations are as follows:

Fatima Groups United (Dublin 8)
NICHE (Northside Initiative for Community Health, Cork city)

The training programme is hosted by CAN at its offices in Gardiner Place, Dublin 1.  These four organisations are already part of an action research programme on Community Development and Health. A total of 16 participants are taking part.

The training resource is offered through the UCD Egalitarian World Initiative Marie Curie programme.  The Combat Poverty Agency also provide support to cover the travel  costs of the Cork based participants.


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