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Listed below are details of past EWI and related events.

Time Date Type Speaker Title Location Organiser Info
10h00-16h30 Thursday 27th May 2010 Workshop Professor Ruth Emerek Using Quantitative Data to Develop Social Indicators of Equality SS108 Agriculture Building EWI  
09h30-13h00 Friday 21st May 2010 Half-day seminar

Professor Martha Fineman

Máiréad Enright, Kent Law School

Tanya Ní Mhuirthile, University College Cork

Angela O'Connell, Global Women's Studies Project, NUI Galway

Melanie Hoewer, John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies, UCD

Eilionoir Flynn, Mary Keogh & Noelin Fox, Centre for Disabilities Study, NUI Galway

Seminar on the Work of Professor Martha Fineman L532 Library Building EWI Full programme>
6pm Thursday 13th May 2010 Public Seminar


Professor Ruth Emerek

EWI Marie Curie Fellow, Aalborg University, Denmark

Rethinking Social Statistics in Context of Gender and Equality L532 Library Building (5th Floor) EWI  
For the programme click here> 6th & 7th May 2010 (Opening evening of the 5th of May)





Key note speakers included:

Prof. Andrew Sayer

Prof. Richard Wilkinson

Prof. Martha Fineman


Equality in a Time of Crisis

For further information click here>

UCD Quinn School of Business EWI
7pm Thursday 15th April 2010 Public Lecture



Dr Richard O'Leary

Dr Brian Feeny

Archdeacon Gordon Linney

Protestant Schools: Minority Right or Minority Privilege? A105 Newman Building EWI  
7pm Thursday 25th March 2010 Public Lecture Anna Zachorowska The Concept of Care in Economic Thought A106 Newman Building EWI; School of Social Justice  
7pm Thursday 18th February 2010 Public Lecture Tara Collins Constitutional Rights for Children in Ireland: Good Sense or Nonsense? A106 EWI; School of Social Justice
7pm Thursday 11th February 2010 Public Lecture Anna Zachorowska Institutional and Feminist Challenges to Neoclassical Economics C214 Newman Building EWI; School of Social Justice
7pm 4th February 2010 Public Lecture Richard O'Leary Civil Partnership Legislation: The Responses of Irish Churches C214 EWI; School of Social Justice  
2pm-4pm First Semester 2009/10, Mondays, commencing 7th September 2009 Module Tara Collins The U.N Convention on the Rights of the Child: Role of an International Human Rights Instrument for Children LG08B, Agriculture and Food Science Building, Belfield

EWI; School of Social Justice

More >
2pm-3.30pm Thursday 24th September 2009 Seminar Professor Doina Balahur Imaginary Law and Social Justice L532, 5th Floor Library Building, Belfield EWI; School of Social Justice
4pm 28 May 2009 Public Lecture Prof. Wendy Luttrell A Visual Turn in Youth
and Childhood Studies: Towards Collaborative Seeing.
UCD School of Education, Roebuck Castle, Belfield, Room 0.01 Equality Studies Centre, UCD School of Social Justice, EWI more>
7.30pm 24 February 2009 Public Lecture Dr Anca Gheaus Where should we care? Some arguments for care in public institutions Room L503, Library Building, UCD Equality Studies Centre, UCD School of Social Justice, EWI more>
10am – 3.00pm Friday, 26th September 2008 Workshop -:-

Dimensions of Dignity Participative Workshop

UCD Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin, Blackrock, Ireland Maeve Houlihanand Prof Sharon Bolton more>
--:-- 15 & 23 July 2008 Seminar & Workshop Prof Sharon Bolton Trust Me, I’m a Researcher – the Ethics and Politics of Research UCD Quinn School Maeve Houlihan more>
--:-- 02/05/08 Conference Various Justice & Borders Royal Irish Academy

UCD School of Politics and International Relations, UCD School of Philosophy, UCD School of Social Justice

--:-- 24/04/08 Seminar Mick Wallace & Sara Burke Doing Business Differently Lecture Theatre Q015, Quinn School of Business, UCD Marie Moran and Maeve Houlihan more>
--:-- 23/04/08 Seminar Various Active Citizenship and Critical Citizens Seminar The Marine Hotel, Sutton, Dublin 13 Mags Crean (EWI-CPA Scholar) more>


09/04/08 Seminar Prof. Liz Dowler Securing just food: rights and responsibilities in a changing world G15, UCD Agriculture & Food Science Centre Deirdre O'Connor more>
--:-- 18-20/03/08 Conference Various 26th International Labour Process Conference - Work Matters Room C214, Arts Block, UCD

Maeve Houlihan
(EWI Business Ethics & Globalisation Research Cluster)

--:-- 19/03/08 Conference Various Food Poverty & Human Rights Newman House, Dublin 2 Deirdre O'Connor, Judy Walsh, Sara Cantillon & Carlos Bruen more>
--:-- 15/02/18 Seminar John Baker Dimensions of Equality Room G317, Arts Block, UCD Adina Preda (UCD SPIRe) more>
--:-- 19/12/07 Seminar Peter Dorman Community Development in Ireland Room L532, 5th Floor, James Joyce Library Building, UCD EWI more>
--:-- 26/11/07 Seminar Prof. Mary Darmanan
The EU Knowledge Economy: A case study of the impact of supranational discourses on member states’ ICT policies
Room C214, Arts Block, UCD EWI & UCD Equality Studies Centre more>
--:-- 15/11/07 Seminar Peter Dorman Scope to Reflect; Ideology of Community Development in Social Change Resource Room (A201), WERRC, Hannah
Sheehy-Skeffington Building
--:-- 12/11/07 Seminar Dr. Ronit Lentin Illegal in Ireland, Irish Illegals: Diaspora Nation as Racial State Room C214, Arts Block, UCD

EWI & UCD Equality Studies Centre

--:-- 15/10/07 Seminar Prof. Eileen Kane The Real Differences Between the Sexes: What Do They Mean for Teaching and Learning?

Room C214, Arts Block, UCD

EWI & UCD Equality Studies Centre more>
--:-- 24/10/06 Launch President Hugh Brady Launch of the EWI Marie Curie ESIE project Common Room, UCD Belfield EWI more>
--:-- 26/05/06 Seminar The Right Honourable Claire L'Heureux-Dubé For a Better World - Speaking the Language of Equality Lecture Hall G32 UCD, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 EWI more>
--:-- 27/04/06 Seminar Prof. Eileen Kane Educating Girls - The Best Investment for the Developing World Today? B101, Newman Building, UCD, Belfield EWI more>



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