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Equality in a Time of Crisis

This page contains those materials that are currently available from the conference proceedings.


Prof. Richard Wilkinson:

"Why Inequality Matters"

Due to travel restrictions, Richard Wilkinson was unable to attend the conference in person but participated by telephone link, following the screening of part of a lecture he and Kate Pickett had given at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Full lecture screened (online) >

Presentation slides (From the Equality Trust) >

Equality Trust Website >

Prof. Mary Darmanin:

"Participatory, Emancipatory, Feminist, Transformative ways of doing Research"

Presentation slides >

Dr John Bissett:

"Emancipatory Research, St. Michael's Estate, and the Academy"

Conference Paper >

Prof. Andrew Sayer:

"Equality and Well-being: Distribution, Recognition and Contribution”

Presentation Slides >

Dr Laurence Cox:

"Another World is Under Construction? Social Movement Responses to Inequality and Crisis"

Presentation Slides >

Contribution (full text, online) >

Mr Michael Taft:

Respondent to Prof Sayer: "Workplace Equality and the Urgent Implications for Trade Unionists"

Contribution (full text, online) >


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