marie curie | summary

The aim of the project is to develop the intellectual infrastructure for a more Egalitarian and Socially Inclusive Europe (ESIE) within University College Dublin (UCD). It will build on the work of the Egalitarian World Initiative (EWI) group. While the EWI has a critical mass of researchers and the nucleus of a fine research and teaching team for the development of equality-sensitive research, it needs to augment its expertise if it is to become firmly embedded throughout the University as a significant inter-disciplinary force that can have an impact not only nationally but also at the European level, and through Europe at the global level.

The four-year Marie Curie project - funded by the Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Programme (6th Framework Programme) for 48 months, and commencing on Oct 1st 2006 - will build on the intellectual and organisational infrastructure offered by the EWI to enhance UCD's institutional capacity in egalitarian theory, practice and equality-sensitive research methodologies, and policy practices. It will do so by providing advanced theoretical and methodological training to the 80 plus members from all 5 UCD colleges in the 13 Research Clusters of the EWI Network. The Marie Curie project will not only greatly enhance the capacities of the EWI Network and the whole concept of interdisciplinarity associated with it, but it will also have a profound effect on the life of the University, on Irish society and ultimately on Europe by providing a powerhouse for European thinking on equality in Ireland.

The EWI Network encompasses staff with multiple research skills, ranging from the advanced statistical and mathematical to the intensely qualitative and philosophical. They are drawn from a range of disciplinary backgrounds (including political philosophy, business, economics, sociology, statistics, feminist theory, disability theory, development studies, education, health policy, animal husbandry, engineering).

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