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EWI Management Committee
President launched Marie Curie Programme

Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge (ToK) Programme
This four year Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge project for an Egaliatrian and Socially Inclusive Europe (ESIE) commenced on October 1st 2006 and will run until October 2010. It has been awarded to the UCD Egalitarian World Inititative which is hosted by the Equality Studies Centre, UCD School of Social Justice.

ESIE will build on the intellectual and organisational infrastructure offered by the EWI Network to enhance UCD's institutional capacity in egalitarian theory, practice and equality-sensitive research methodologies, and policy practices. Members of the EWI Network will be trained in egalitarian theory and in the most advanced participatory, emancipatory, feminist and transformative methodologies within their own fields of study over the four year period.

Eight Centres of Excellence in Europe are partners in the ESIE Project.

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