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The ESIE project will use a twofold Transfer of Knowledge (TOK) methodology, involving an ambitious work programme by 12 incoming researchers to UCD, as well as three month study-visits by each of 12 UCD staff members learning at 8 Centres of Excellence, integrating new knowledge into Research and Teaching Programmes at UCD.

EWI teaching & training activities are organised in association with members of the EWI network and thematic cluster convenors and are open to UCD postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, members of the EWI Network and other UCD Staff.

Please contact module co-ordinators below directly for further information.

Visiting EWI Fellow Research Cluster Period Institution, Country Teaching & Training Activity
Professor G. Kris Miccio May 2010 to June 2010 School of Law, University of Denver, Colorado, USA

Public Seminars, collaboration on various projects; meetings with NGO's and COSC.

Professor Martha Albertson Fineman Egalitarian Theory PEFT Methodologies; Gender April 2010 to June 2010 Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law at Emory University, Atlanta Keynote speaker at Equality in a Time of Crisis conference; Seminar Series on Feminist Legal Theory; Feminist Theory Workshop; Civil society workshop.
Professor Ruth Emerek Egalitarian Theory PEFT Methodologies; Gender April 2010 to June 2010 Institute of History, International and Social Studies, University of Aalborg, Denmark. Public Seminar: Rethinking Social Statistics in Context of Gender Equality; Equality Indicators Workshop; Panel discussant at Equality in a Time of Crisis conference.
Dr. Richard O'Leary Inequality and Education; Egalitarian Theory PEFT Methodologies January 2010 to June 2010 School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen's University Belfast Public seminars: Protestant Schools: Minority Right or Minority Privilege? (panel) and Civil Partnership Legislation: The Responses of Irish Churches; Coordinating EWI Conference (Equality in a Time of Crisis)
Anna Zachorowska Egalitarian Theory PEFT Methodologies; Gender January 2010 to March 2010 Jagiellonian University, Poland Public Seminars: The Concept of Care in Economic Thought and Institutional and Feminist Challenges to Neoclassical Economics
Professor Tara Collins Children's Rights (PEFT) September 2009 to February 2010 University of Ottawa, Canada Module on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (EQUL50130); Public Lecture
Professor Doina Balahur

Egalitarian Theory; PEFT Methodologies

September to November 2009 ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University of Iasi, Romania Seminar Series: Law, Social Justice and Human Rights in Post-totalitarian Societies. For the list of seminars >
Professor Wendy Luttrell Children's Rights (PEFT) May to June 2009 Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA

Workshops on Children's Research Methodologies

Dr. Ernesto Vasquez del Aguila Women, Gender & Sexuality April to June 2009 Columbia University, NYC, US  
Dr. Anca Gheaus Egalitarian Theory January to March 2009 Chaire Hoover d’ethique economique et sociale, Belgium Contemporary Egalitarian Theory [Module EQUL 50100]
Professor Mary Darmanin Egalitarian Theory September to November 2007 University of Malta Critical Approaches in Qualitative Methodologies (EQUL40280)
Dr. Alison Wilde Disability (PEFT) November 2008 to January 2009 University of York, UK Seminar Series
Dr. Sarah Woodin Disability (PEFT) September to November 2008 University of Leeds, UK Emancipatory Research (with particular reference to Disability Studies) [Module EQUL 50090]
Professor Sharon Bolton Business July to September 2008 University of Strathclyde, UK Workshop Series
Professor Eileen Kane PEFT Methodologies March 2007 to February 2008 World Bank Participatory Research & Action: Theory, Methodologies & Applications
Professor Elizabeth Dowler Food January to March 2008 University of Warwick, UK
Workshop & Lecture Series


EWI Staff Member Research Cluster Period Partner Centre, Country UCD School/Centre
Professor Kathleen Lynch Equality and Education September 1 2007 - December 31 2007 University of Cambridge, UK School of Social Justice
Dr. Roland Erne Business Ethics and Globalisation December 15 2007 - Mar 14 2008 University of Oxford, UK School of Business
Dr. Jim Kinsella Global Justice and Rural Development June 1 2007 - August 31 2007 University of Pisa, Italy School of Biology and Environment Science
Professor John Baker Egalitarian Research – Theory and Methodologies April 1 - June 31 2008 University of Oxford, UK School of Social Justice
Dr. Dympna Devine Children's Rights May 2007 - June/July 2008 Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB), Norwegian University for Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway School of Education and Lifelong Learning
Dr. Mark Scott The Built Environment June - August 2008 University of Pisa, Italy School of Geography, Planning and Environment Policy
Dr. Geraldine Moane Women, Gender & Sexuality September - November 2008 University of Brighton, UK School of Psychology
Dr. Sara Cantillon Food September - December 2008 University of Warwick, UK School of Social Justice
Judy Walsh Women, Gender & Sexuality January - March 2009 AHRC, University of Kent, UK School of Social Justice
Anna Jennings Disability Summer 2009 University of Leeds, UK

School of Applied Social Science

Dr. Alice Feldman Migration & Citizenship Summer 2009 University of Brighton School of Sociology
Dr. Deirdre O'Connor Food TBC University of Pisa, Italy School of Biology and Environment Science






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