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EWI Management Committee
Dr. Alison Wilde

Dr Alison Wilde worked as a Research Fellow in the University of York before coming to UCD as an EWI Marie Curie Fellow. She studied for her PhD at the University of Leeds where her doctoral research focused on Disability, Media and Identity. Her research investigated viewers engagements with soap opera discourses of impairment, disability, gender and normality. The project was based upon the synthesis of a participatory, anti-oppressive, social model of disability and impairment and a critical discourse analytic approach to media and identity.

Prior to undertaking her doctoral studies, Dr Wilde undertook research on education, ethnicity and inequality and worked on an investigation of disabled people’s access to fashion services. Post doctoral research has involved working on disabled student’s experiences of higher education; the inclusion of disabled children in primary schools and a review of disabled parent’s experiences of separation.

She has presented her work in a wide range of national and international for a including a presentation on gender, disability and media at the European Commission’s Congress on Media and Disability.


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