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Timing of take up of EWI Marie Curie Fellowship - TBC

IDSP-Pakistan was established in 1996 by Dr quratulain Bakhteari. Her work of community development over thirty years helped to conceive and design a learning space for young people in Pakistan. Balochistan was chosen because of its extensive experience with youth groups and its social, cultural and political organisation and experimentation. The main campus for the Foundation for IDSP-Pakistan is in Quetta, Balochistan and today it has its own academic faculty and a management structure of 45 full time professionals based on a fellowship framework.

When she takes up the EWI Marie Curie Fellowship in UCD, Dr Quratulain will present an open EWI Seminar Series and deliver a number of public lectures. She will also work with members of the EWI network and make inputs into existing taught programmes in UCD as well as offering seminars and workshops to development organisations and civil society groups in Ireland.

The EWI Seminar Series will address the following themes:

Education of Girls in Rural Societies in Pakistan.
Girl’s Education in Traditional Muslim Communities.
Women, Activism and Leadership.
Institution Building with Young People.
Public Private Partnerships in Community Based Social Development.
Women, Islam and Traditions.




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