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EWI Management Committee
Sharon Bolton

Professor of Organisational Analysis, University of Strathclyde Business School

Professor Bolton is best known for her research concerning the management of emotion in organisations and, most recently, her conceptualisation of different dimensions of dignity at work. Her ideas are disseminated widely via speaking engagements and publication in leading academic and practitioner journals and edited collections, including several papers concerned with dignity at work, the human in human resource management, alternative ways of conceptualising workplace emotionality, public sector management and nursing, and gender and the professions. The origins of Sharon’s interests lie in some perennial questions concerning how can we better understand the relationship between people, work and society, and what is the fundamental conception of humanity embedded in the political economy.

Professor Bolton is currently a Marie Curie Fellow with the UCD Egalitarian World Initiative (EWI) Transfer of Knowledge programme. She will be based in the Quinn School, room Q217 and extension 4742.  While at UCD, Sharon will be working on a number of activites, including collaboration with Dr Maeve Houlihan on a Dignity at Work symposium, to take place in Dublin in September, which will be open to the business community as well as researchers interested in this area.

Sharon is best contacted by her normal email address.

Invitation to EWI Members

Though an enthusiastic supporter of qualitative methods and a specialist in the areas of emotion work and dignity at work, Sharon is also experienced in using mixed methods and has particular insights on working with large-scale social science data sets, as well as funding and publication strategies.  

The intent of Marie Curie is to share knowledge of this nature and while here, Sharon will be available to dialogue with colleagues and PhD students methodology and research issues so please do feel free to get in touch where this is of interest. She will also be running some workshops, including ‘Trust Me, I’m a Researcher – the Ethics and Politics of Research, which will particularly explore dilemmas that we sometimes encounter in the research process.  While full details will be confirmed later, this will likely take place the week of July 14, and all are welcome.

EWI members are invited to meet with Sharon over coffee and cake, which will include a brief presentation and informal discussion of how we can share knowledge and skills during this fellowship visit. This will take place on Wednesday July 2nd from 3.30pm – 4.30pm in Room Q233, UCD Quinn School of Business. Everyone is welcome, and if you are planning to come along, please can you contact Dr. Maeve Houlihan for catering purposes.


Sharon will also be facilitating a 2-part workshop titled 'Trust Me, I’m a Researcher – the Ethics and Politics of Research'.

In the first part, a seminar, Sharon use examples from some of the diverse research sites she has encountered from hospitals to special schools to more typical organisations to explore dilemmas that we sometimes encounter in the qualitative research process.  The second session is a workshop for anyone who would like to explore specific ethical or political challenges they are encountering in their own data collection. 

Part 1: Seminar – open to all Tuesday 15 July, UCD Quinn School, 2 – 430pm.

Part 2: Workshop – for those who attended the first session only, Wednesday 23 July, UCD Quinn School 10-12pm.

Both staff and research students are warmly invited and if you would like to attend the first, or both sessions, please simply email maeve.a.houlihan@ucd.ie



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