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Workshop Series

1) June 11th A 105 Newman Building Belfield 4pm – 6pm
Entering Children’s Social Worlds: Image-based Research Design and Dilemmas

In this workshop we will discuss research design decisions and dilemmas in image-based research with children and youth. Using examples from Pregnant Bodies, Fertile Minds and my current research, we will focus on the selection and sequencing of visual and verbal based activities, questions about and guidelines for ethics, and the burdens of representing poor, working-class and immigrant children/youth’s social lives and subjectivities.

2) June 18th A 105 Newman Building Belfield 4pm – 6pm
Circles of Seeing: A Framework for Analyzing Children’s Participatory Photography

The workshop offers participants an opportunity to become part of an “interpretive community” engaging in hands-on data coding and analysis of both data. The workshop materials draw from my visual ethnography project with thirty-four (34) diverse, mostly immigrant, poor and working-class children.

I start from the premise that the children’s photography is a social practice (Becker, 1974), an activity of discovery, of truth-making, rather than truth-finding (MacDougall, 1994). There is no single or “correct” answer to the question, “What does this picture or series of pictures mean?” Rather, the question posed in this workshop is “What meanings are the children making and reflecting through their photographic practice and images?

I will introduce my analytic framework that features three, nested sites of meaning-making; the image; site of production; and (multiple) sites of reception (Rose, 2001).

The hands-on part of the workshop will focus on the image content, reviewing the “data dictionary”, and how it was developed to analyze the 1353 photographs collected in this project. Participants will use it to code a sub-set of photographs, after which we will discuss the benefits and limitations of this analytic procedure.

3) June 25th A 105 Newman Building Belfield 4pm – 6pm
The Art of Visual Analysis

In this workshop we will discuss a case-study-type procedure -- what I call visual narrative composite -- as a starting point for analyzing an individual child’s social and emotional worlds, and valued aspects of self and identity.

As I am in the midst of developing these visual narrative composites for each of the participating children, workshop participants will be invited to join me in conversation about how I have represented themes that are “hard to write about but easy to picture,” and that illustrate “novel differences between pictures and life” (to borrow from Erving Goffman’s words about the art of visual analysis 1979:22). These themes will be drawn from multiple data sources – a child’s full set of photographs, the transcript of his/her one-on-one interview transcript, the video-recording, and field notes.






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