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UCD Horizons is the new undergraduate modular curriculum, introduced in September 2005. It offers students more flexibility, dynamic degree programmes, flexibility of progression, and curriculum development.

Currently, there are a range of EWI related modules offered within the Horizons programme, many with funding support from Irish Aid.

EWI Relevant Elective Modules
One feature of the UCD Horizons programme is its flexibility, where students can choose to take courses from across the five Colleges. Members of the network are working together to offer students the option of taking EWI relevant modules. Fifteen electives within UCD Horizons are currently available.

Undergraduate Teaching and Irish Aid Funding:
In 2006 the EWI received multi-annual funding from Irish Aid under its Development Education Grants Scheme to mainstream teaching and research programmes on the themes of global justice and equality. Beyond the multi-annual funding received in 2006, 2010 and 2011 annual funding has been granted. This has provided the resources to design and deliver  various new undergraduate modules as part of the UCD Horizons programmes, and to continue offering such programmes as part of mainstreaming global justice issues within the University. 

The Horizons programme, introduced in 2005, has meant that students registered for any degree programme in UCD are entitled to take electives from across the University whether to complement their existing subject area or from an interest in another subject. This provided the EWI with an unrivalled opportunity to develop and offer new modules.

With the support of Irish Aid, the following undergraduate modules have been designed and delivered with great success and popularity, and are being further delivered in 2010/2011:

Childhood Inequalities in a Global Context (School of Social Justice)

Global Justice: Towards an Egalitarian World (School of Social Justice)

Gender and Development: Local and Global Issues (School of Social Justice)

Social Justice Movements (School of Social Justice)

Food Poverty and Policy (School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine)

The UCD School of Social Justice is also currently designing a module on Global Health Inequalities.

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