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IRCHSS Funding 2009
The UCD EWI has been awarded €8,000 under the IRCHSS Development Initiative Scheme 2009, Strand 6 FP7 Seed Fund, to develop an FP7 proposal entitled Equality of Condition in the European Context: Providing a Conceptual Framework for Social Europe. The other team members on the project include Prof. John Baker, UCD School of Social Justice, Dr Dympna Devine, UCD School of Education and Lifelong Learning and Dr Maeve Houlihan, UCD Quinn School of Business. 

The research programme proposed will develop sophisticated conceptualised frameworks for egalitarian change based on the principle of ‘equality of condition’ laid out in the major work of the Equality Studies Centre Equality from Theory to Action (2004,2009) and advanced in the work on Affective Equality (2009). The programme will advance egalitarian theory by linking feminist-inspired scholarship around care and equality with mainstream radical egalitarian theory premised on an ethic of justice.  In addition it will develop an imaginative transdisciplinary methodology to elaborate new equality of condition frameworks for sustainable egalitarian change in three core domains of social life – work, care, education. By focusing on equality of condition, the analysis of global justice will be move to a new level, one that addresses substantive as opposed to formal equality; it will also bring together egalitarian and feminist theory in designing a model for Social Europe.
The programme will build on the work of the university-wide  UCD Egalitarian World Initiative (EWI) and in particular on the EWI Marie Transfer of Knowledge Programme entitled An Egalitarian and Socially Inclusive Europe (2006-2010). This programme engaged a network of scholars, from within UCD and across Europe in enhancing capacity on egalitarian theory and methodologies.   There is the potential to engage EWI members in an FP7 proposal, coordinated by the Professor of Equality Studies who also Chairs the EWI.  In addition to those already engaged with the EWI, several global experts committed to supporting the PI in this innovative research on equality of condition, laid out in an application in April 2009 for the ERC Advanced Researcher Grant. 

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