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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 10
Short Name: FHG
Full Name: Fraunhofer IVV
Address: Giggenhauser Str. 35, 85354 Freising, Germany
Web address:


The Fraunhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV (Fraunhofer-Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging) in Freising, Germany, is one of the 56 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FHG) which is an organisation for applied research and development. FHG IVV consists of several scientific/technical departments, one of them being the Dept. ‘Product safety & chemical analysis’ with a major focus on Food Packaging Migration and Safety‘ and headed by Dr. Roland Franz . In his group, there exists large experience in the broad research field of interactions between foodstuffs and packaging materials and related compliance testing and analytical work. The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical instrumentation according to the latest state of technology and has an accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 on migration testing and further analytical services with more than 50 analytical methods in the area of food packaging safety.

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Role in Facet:

Coordination of WP4.2. Responsible for WP4.2a (new classification of foods) and WP4.2c (experimental studies on multi–layer/material parameters).

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Dr. Roland Franz
Role: He is the principal scientific staff member involved in this project.
Experience:Dipl. chemist, he is since 1987 active in the field food packaging interactions. Large experience concerning industry projects, but also close involvement in regulatory affairs. Active as national or personal expert to EU Commission (DG SANCO , DG RESEARCH) and the German national health authorities as member of BfR’s ‘Committee for Consumer Products’. Member of CEN TC 194/SC1 (General chemical methods of test for food contact materials) and it’s working groups. Large experience in coordination of EU projects was/is initiator and coordinator of several successful EU projects such as the recently finalised EU project QLK1-CT2002-2390 ‘FoodMigrosure ’ or the currently ongoing EU project COLL-CT-2006-030309 ‘ MIGRESIVES ’. He is (co)author of more than 120 scientific publications in the food packaging area.

Name: Ms. Annika Seiler
Role: Food Chemist, Ph.D. student
Experience: Compliance testing and evaluation of food contact materials.

Name: Ms. Veronika Hendrich
Role: Lab technician

Name: n. n.
Role: Ph.D. student.

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Partner 10: FHG, Germany
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