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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 13
Short Name: CFRI
Full Name: Central Food Research Institute
Address: Herman Ottó út 15. Budapest, H-1022, Hungary
Web address:


CFRI carries out research and development in the field of the food industry, and provides food regulation data. One of the main objectives of CFRI research is to contribute to the safety operation of food producers and to the identification of the food safety risk factors of in the entire food chain. CFRI provides research on biochemical and nutrition-physiological relations of food components from the point of view of modern, healthy nutrition. CFRI develops new analytical methods especially considering the requirements of food control and traceability. It provides social and economic analysis regarding food safety. CFRI develops cooperation with industrial companies, governmental, social organisations and the consumers.

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Role in Facet:

Taking part in the following activities of WP 5, WP 6 and WP7.1: collecting information and statistical data regarding food input of the Hungarian population and population groups, completion of food frequency questionnaires, establishment of a foodstuff composition database by fixing label information and participation in the development of the food consumption modelling system.

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Prof. Dr. Diána Bánáti
Role: Director General of CFRI. She is professor of Corvinus University of Budapest, Szent István University and University of Szeged.
Experience: She is a qualified expert in food safety, food policy and food regulatory sciences; she has a wide research experience in food science. Her current research is focused on the fields of food safety, food policy, consumer science and ethics. Her management activities include strategic planning and management of R&D projects. She is a member of several international organisations and Chair of the Management Board of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Name: Annamária Pollák-Tóth
Role: She is researcher of CFRI and a PhD student.
Experience: Her scientific interests are consumer behaviour, novel foods and food ethics.

Name: Viktória Szűcs
Role: She is researcher of CFRI and a PhD student.
Experience: Her scientific interests are food additives, food safety assessment, and decision making of consumers.

Partner 13: CFRI, Hungary
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