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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 15
Short Name: Creme
Full Name: Creme Software Ltd
Address: 4th Floor, The Tower, Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland
Web address:


CREMe Software ltd. is an Irish SME created to further develop the research results generated over more than 6 years of research in Trinity College Dublin in the area of probabilistic modelling of population exposure to food borne chemicals. Since the company was formed, the team has continued to perform research in the area of probabilistic models and population exposure including the following projects: COLIPA and FSAI Salt Reduction model development in the Irish population. (2006). In summary, principal researchers and founders of CREMe have been involved in the research and scientific development of the following projects:

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Role in Facet:

WP8 - coordination, research and development of exposure modelling software tool. CREMe will also be involved in WP5 regional diet modelling in developing the algorithms and tools for modelling diets in areas where there is a lack of detailed food consumption data.

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name:Cronan McNamara (MSc)
Role: CEO Creme software
Experience: Mr. McNamara has worked in the area of probabilistic exposure assessments in Trinity College Dublin. Managing and developing the software tool in the EU FP5 Monte Carlo (, later in the Enterprise Ireland funded CREME Project ( , 2003-2006) and later in the EU FP6 NOFORISK project. Mr. McNamara founded CREMe Software Ltd. to use the intellectual property from Trinity College to bring an exposure assessment tool to groups around Europe and farther a field.

Name: David Rohan (MSc)
Role: CTO Creme software
Experience: Mr. Rohan has been involved in the EU FP5 Monte Carlo project in Trinity College as a probabilistic modelling expert and software development. He also worked on the CREME and NOFORISK projects developing specific exposure assessment models and tools for different areas of food safety. Mr. Rohan was also a founding member of CREMe Software.

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Partner 15: Creme, Ireland
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