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Partner Code: 17
Short Name: IZZ
Full Name: National Food and Nutrition Institute
Address: 61/63 Powsinska St., Warsaw 02-903, Poland
Web address:


The National Food and Nutrition Institute was established as an independent scientific and research institution by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 12 April 1963, in consultation with FAO and with its financial support. Major achievements of the Institute during its 45-year-long history include:

  • development and popularisation of Dietary Reference Intakes, tables of food composition and nutritional value,
  • prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity and of other non-communicable chronic diseases associated with improper diet,
  • researches of diets and nutritional status of the population of Poland,
  • researches on the effects of the economic and social factors on the trends in nutrition and their impact on the health status of the population,
  • participation in the preparation of Poland for the EU accession as regards adjusting Polish food law,
  • participation in carrying out international projects,
  • establishment of the reference laboratory performing food tests within the scope of nutrients and selected food safety parameters,
  • development of handbooks intended for doctors, dieticians and patients
  • educational and consultative activities.

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Role in Facet:

Contribution in WP 5, WP 6, WP 7.1
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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Professor Mirosław Jarosz
Role: Director of the National Food and Nutrition Institute
Experience: In 2004 he was appointed professor in medicine by way of decision of the President of the Republic of Poland. He has been carrying out clinical activities associated with internal diseases, gastroenterology and nutritional therapy. The main areas of his scientific research include epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, diagnostics, and therapy of diet-related diseases of the alimentary tract, malignant neoplasm in particular. Also, he carries out research on interaction between food, food supplements and drugs, as well as on the influence of nutritional therapy on the effectiveness of hospital treatment. His works include 220 publications, which appeared both in Poland and abroad. He led and/or cooperated in implementation of 16 research projects sponsored by the World Bank, the Ministry of Science and Information Technology, and the European Union, as well as 30 projects carried out as part of the statutory activity of the National Food and Nutrition Institute. As the national counterpart he cooperates in the area of food, nutrition and diet-related diseases prevention with the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Name: Dr. Iwona Traczyk
Role: Deputy Director for Scientific Research and Head of Laboratory of Nutritional Health Risk Factors in the National Food and Nutrition Institute in Warsaw.
Experience: Doctor of Human Nutrition and Food Technology. She has research experience in human nutrition, public health and food safety. She took part in the legislative work concerning Polish food regulations. She has been actively involved in the survey concerning estimation of food additives intake by Polish population. Currently her main research interests are food allergy and genetically modified food. She is an author of over 80 publications on food safety and human nutrition. She was the leader of WP2 “Diet” in the Chemical Food Safety Network for the enlarging Europe ( SAFEFOODNET ).

Name: Alicja Walkiewicz, M.Sc.
Role: Research assistant in the National Food and Nutrition Institute.
Experience: Master of Science of Human Nutrition. She has cooperated in works setting Polish regulations in the area of food safety. She has been actively involved in the survey concerning estimation of food additives intake with diets by Polish population. Her professional and scientific activity also involves participation in risk assessment concerning fortified food.

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Partner 17: IZZ, Poland
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