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Partner Code: 18
Short Name: INCDTIM
Full Name: National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies
Address: Donath 65-103, Cluj-Napoca, 400293, Romania
Web address:


Founded in 1950, certified as National Institute in 1999, INCDTIM is structured in four research laboratories and a prototype workshop. The main research domains focus on molecular and biomolecular physics, stable isotope applications in biology, development of analytical tools (mass spectrometry, gas chromatography and NMR in particular) for environmental applications, pharmaco-kinetics studies, transport phenomena through biological membranes.

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Role in Facet:

Responsible for WP4.2e Probabilistic modelling of concentration of food contact material constituents in packed foods. Link to exposure modelling in WP8.

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Dr. Valer Tosa
Role: Senior Research Scientist. He is the leader of a numerical modeling group in his home institute, working in the field of molecular physics.
Experience: He spent long periods of time in research teams in Europe (Napoli University, Garching Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics), Japan (RIKEN, Wako-shi), and Korea (KAIST, Daejeon), demonstrating his capability to collaborate and work in different academic and research environments. In the last few years he approached the main direction of research computer modeling of various physical and chemical phenomena based on numerical techniques of solving differential equations. He built computer programs for the calculation of i) heat diffusion in photopyroelectric multilayered materials, ii) infrared multiphoton absorption of polyatomic molecules, iii) ultrasort pulse propagation in ionizing gas media, iv) gas permeation through polymeric membranes, v) diffusion of impurities in polymeric multilayer systems. Due to his substantial experience in numerically solving differential equations, he recently started developing a model for substance migration in and from multilayer polymer structures; with application in migration estimation in food packaging. He designed the physico-chemical method and the corresponding numerical algorithm, based of finite differences, to solve the parabolic type equation of diffusion for the case of a multilayer system having different diffusion and partition coefficients. He published more than 75 articles in international peer reviewed journals.

Name: Dr. Katalin Kovacs
Role: Physicist, Junior researcher, Dept. Molecular and Biomolecular
Experience: Monte Carlo simulations, Numerical methods

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Partner 18: INCDTIM, Romania
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