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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 19
Short Name: CIAA
Full Name: Confederation des Industries Agro Alimentaire
Address: Avenue des Arts 43, Brussels 1040, Belgium
Web address:


CIAA membership is made up of: 26 National Federations, including 2 observers; 28 EU sector associations; 20 major food and drink companies grouped in a Liaison Committee. CIAA’s permanent secretariat, based in Brussels, is a major contact partner of/partner in consultations with the European and international institutions on food-related developments. It co-ordinates the work of more than 500 experts, grouped together in Committees and Expert Groups around the following three themes: Food and Consumer Policy, Trade and Competitiveness and the Environment. Through these Committees and Expert Groups, manufacturers from all EU countries provide broad and in-depth expertise. They contribute to establishing CIAA positions on key issues which, once approved, are then communicated to European and international decision makers. CIAA co-operates with other organisations and associations such as ILSI , EUFIC , IAFPA , UNICE , FEBC, AIM.
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Role in Facet:

Role in FACET:    CIAA and its Scientific Expert Group will work with industry sectors in the area of food additives to provide anonymised data on typical ranges of use levels of food additives in the foods belonging to the food category identified by the food additives group. CIAA will have a participant in the latter workpackage

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Beate Kettlitz
Role: Director of Food Policy, Science and R&D, being directly involved in both recent publications as mentioned below will coordinate, together with Lynn Insall the chairwoman of the CIAA Ingredients expert group, the CIAA contribution to the project.
Experience: Beate Kettlitz is a food chemist by training.

Name: Miguel Angel Prieto Arranz
Role:     Manager Food Policy, Science and R&D – responsible for date collection coordination
Experience: Chemist by training
Name: Roberta Mancia,
Role: Manager ETP secretariat Food Policy, Science and R&D – responsible for the coordination of administrative tasks
Experience: Lawyer by training

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Partner 19: CIAA, Belgium
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