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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 1
Short Name: UCD
Full Name: University College Dublin
Address: Institute of Food & Health, Agriculture & Food Science Centre, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
Web address:


UCD is the largest university in Ireland and is in the process of uniting all its food- related activities into a new UCD Institute of Food and Health of which Professor Mike Gibney is the coordinator. This Institute comprises activities in food science, nutrition, food safety, food engineering, food law and consumer science in relation to food and health. Probabilistic modeling of food borne risks is an integral part of several areas of the Institute. University College Dublin (UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine) is involved in FACET as both the coordinator, through the Institute of Food and Health (IFH), and as a partner and work-package leader.

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Role in Facet:

UCD is the overall coordinator for FACET, and is leader for WP1 (Management), WP6 (Food chemical occurrence) and WP10 (Dissemination).

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Professor Mike Gibney
Role: Professor of Food & Health. Project coordinator and leader of WP1, WP6 & WP10.
Experience: Prof. Gibney was coordinator of two consultative reports on food additive intake assessment in the early 1990s and coordinated the Scientific Cooperation (SCOOP) Task 4.2 and participated in (SCOOP) task 4.1. He coordinated the FP5 MonteCarlo project ( which developed validated probabilistic models and validated software for the exposure assessment of food additives, pesticides and nutrients. In FP6 he coordinated a workpackage on exposure assessment to novel foods in the NOFORISK project. In terms of experience of leading other large projects, he is coordinator of the FP6 IP Lipgene project.

Name: Dr. Áine Hearty
Role: Research nutritionist. FACET Project manager.
Experience: Áine has worked on exposure assessment in relation to food packaging, pesticides and additives as part of nationally funded projects and also to novel foods in the NOFORISK project (FP6). Áine is a member of the EFSA food consumption and exposure expert group and she completed her PhD studies on dietary pattern methodologies.

Name: Aileen Connolly
Role: Aileen is a research nutritionist who will carry out most of the work in WP 6 on behalf of UCD.
Experience: She has worked on the Irish national food ingredient database, the national packaging database and also on pesticide and additive exposure assessment. Back to Top

Partner 1: UCD, Ireland
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