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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 21
Short Name: JRC
Full Name: Joint Research Centre (DG JRC IHCP)
Address: Via Fermi, 1, Ispra Va 21020, Italy
Web address:


The Physical and Chemical Exposure Unit of the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission Joint Research Centre is strongly anchored in exposure assessment underpinned by strong laboratory activities. The activity on Food Contact Materials (FCM) within the PCE Unit is firmly established, with more than 13 years of recognised expertise, >10 staff and >400 m2 of dedicated laboratories and offices. It acts as scientific and technical support to the Commission, in particular DG SANCO . Research have included monitoring of target contaminants at the European level, interaction between food and migrants, exposure assessment, method development and harmonisation, participation in EU projects, dissemination of results. It has become the Community Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials in the Regulation of Official Feed and Food Controls EC/882/2004, and holds an accreditation EN ISO/IEC 17025. The activity has also a very strong emphasis on consultation, networking, training and capacity building, knowledge sharing and public service.

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Role in Facet:

Participation in WP4.2; and 4.1; Support WP8.1, WP8.2 and WP10

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Dr Catherine Simoneau
Role: Head of the Sector FCM and Director of the CRL-FCM.
Experience: She has implemented and been in charge of the field of FCM at JRC exclusively since 1995. She is a food chemist with extensive experience in food science, nutrition, chemical engineering, food toxicology, and analytical chemistry. She is active at the regulatory level (DG SANCO, DG RESEARCH), in risk assessment (EFSA), as well as in metrology and CEN (member/chair in TC194 SC1 WGs). Experience in EU projects including coordination of work-packages, and unique expertise in organising major events for stakeholders.

Name: Dr. Barbara Raffael
Role: Industrial chemist, research scientist
Experience: Since 2002 active in the field of food contact materials. Was involved in the Recyclabilty project

Name: Mr. Sandro Valzacchi
Role: Chemist
Experience: He is highly qualified in analytical chemistry. Back to Top

Partner 21: JRC, Italy
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