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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 2
Short Name: UU
Full Name: University of Ulster
Address: Cromore Road, Coleraine, BT52 1SA, UK
Web address:


The Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health (NICHE ) has achieved 5* ratings for research in the (1998 & 2001) UK-wide University Research Assessment Exercises. NICHE has 50 staff working on nutrition research and has a significant number of formal collaborations with research institutes and universities throughout the world. Currently, recipient of EC grants for Framework 5 and 6. UU was a partner in the IUNA Irish Universities Nutrition Alliance North/South Ireland Adult Food Consumption Survey (NSIFCS).
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Role in Facet:

To coordinate WP5. (Food intake data)
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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Dr. Aideen McKevitt
Role: Course Director M.Sc Food Regulatory Affairs (IUNA).WP leader for WP5 food intake.
Experience: Industrial and food microbiology, education, medical science (Ph.D). Irish Lead Laboratory and Project manager EQUASE Extend Quality Assurance in water microbiology to cohesion countries. Project manager: EU Commission funded Leonardo da Vinci project. Curriculum development in Regulatory Affairs.

Name: Professor Sean Strain
Role: Co-Director of the Centre for Molecular Biosciences at the University of Ulster.
Experience: Co-ordinator of EU funded project, FOODCUE, currently partner on EU funded projects Zenith and FEMMES – specialising in trace element research. Author of 175 peer-reviewed research publications mainly in the areas of trace element nutrition and in B vitamin and homocysteine metabolism. Member of the Royal Irish Academy. Member of the EFSA Panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies [NDA]

Name: Professor Barbara Livingstone
Role: Professor of Nutrition at NICHE . Research in the area of dietary assessments of free-living populations, appetite regulation and dietary and lifestyle risk factors for childhood obesity.
Experience: DPhil. Human Nutrition. She has published 74 original peer-reviewed publications.

Name: Dr. Maeve Kerr
Role: Research scientist responsible for the work in WP5
Experience: Maeve is currently a Research Associate in Human Nutrition at NICHE . Her main research interests are in the areas of conducting human intervention studies, (most recently in the area of green tea consumption and effects on visceral and subcutaneous abdominal fatness and cardiovascular function), dietary assessment (including analysis of food intake using the National Diet and Nutrition Survey) and body composition assessment. She completed her PhD on folate and related B vitamin status in healthy population groups.

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Partner 2: UU, Northern Ireland
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