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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 3
Short Name: FERA
Full Name: The Food and Environment Research Agency
Address: Sand Hutton, York, Y0411LZ, UK.
Web address:


CSL is an executive agency of the UK Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). CSL is a world-class facility with a science staff of about 450.
CSL has certification for compliance to ISO 9001: 2000.
The scope of activities covered by the certification includes the provision of scientific services in the areas of agriculture, food and the environment to government and non-government customers worldwide. CSL has an unrivalled record of research, method development and analysis of packaging materials and foods, extending back over 25 years. Its scientists are active members of various EFSA, EU, FSA (UK) and CEN committees. This understanding of EU regulations and risk assessment makes CSL unique in this field.

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Role in Facet:

Overall coordinator of WP4, dealing with all aspects of work concerning food packaging materials.
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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Laurence Castle
Role: Leader of WP4 Food packaging
Experience:A chemist by training. Member since inception in 2003 of the EFSA AFC panel on food Additives, Flavourings and Food Contact Materials. Conveyor of CEN TC194-SC1 and its 5 working groups dealing with testing for migration from plastics. Member of the DG SANCO Expert Group on food contact materials. Broad food safety experience and has published more than 150 journal papers on packaging migration, food additives, processing contaminants etc.

Name: Andy Hart.
Role: Head of the CSL Risk Analysis Team which specialises in development and application of quantitative methods for analysing risk and uncertainty, including Monte Carlo and Bayesian approaches.
Experience: An environmental biologist by training. Member since inception in 2003 of the EFSA PPR panel on Plant Protection Products and their residues. Leading contributor to the EFSA Guidance on Uncertainty in Dietary Exposure Assessment (2006). Has successfully applied his expertise in a range of areas including environmental risks of pesticides (FP5 project EUFRAM,,, risk benefit analysis (FP6 project QALIBRA, and packaging migration.

Name:Emma Bradley.
Role:Head of the packaging migration team at CSL which is the UK NRL.
Experience:A chemist by training. Member of the CRL-NRL network on Food Contact Materials (Community- and National- Reference Labs).

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Partner 3: FERA, UK
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