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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 5
Short Name: FCRA
Full Name: Food Chemical Risk Analysis
Address: St.Mary’s Square, Brighton, BN2 IFZ, UK
Web address:


Food Chemical Risk Analysis is the scientific consulting practice of Dr David Tennant. FCRA was established in 1998 and is built on his background as a senior scientist in UK government departments and experience with an international scientific consulting company. A key activity is the provision of consumer exposure analyses and risk assessments for food additives, nutrients, novel ingredients and other food and feed components using deterministic, distributional and probabilistic models. Other important activities include the European registration of animal feed additives, supervision of efficacy and safety studies, regulatory support on novel foods and novel food ingredients and surveys of food additive usage. David Tennant co-authored and edited the book ‘Food Chemical Risk Analysis’.

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Role in Facet:

Coordinative responsibility for WP7 and will contribute to WP’s 3 and 5.
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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: David Tennant
Role: Scientific consultant. Coordinator for WP7
Experience: David Tennant has been providing European food ingredient companies and trade organisations with bespoke food chemical intake estimates for use in regulatory decision-making for more than 10 years. He has unique experience of dealing directly with food ingredient and additive manufacturers to estimate dietary intakes. His experience includes new substances with no precedence for human exposure, existing additives intended for use in foods and adventitious contaminants not intended to be present. Numerous intake models for food additives, novel food ingredients, food contact migrants and other food constituents have been reviewed and accepted by national, European (SCF , EFSA and DG SANCO ) and international (JECFA ) food safety regulatory authorities.

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Partner 5: FCRA, UK
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