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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 6
Short Name: AFSSA
Full Name: French Food Safety Agency
Address: Avenue du General Leclerc, Maisons-Alfort, 94701, France
Web address:


The French Food Safety Agency is responsible for risk assessment in the field of Food Safety in France but also for surveillance and research in this field. The Direction for Risk Assessment (DERNS) produces advices with the help of ten expert panels, among them the expert panel for Food additives and flavouring substances AAAT and the Food Contact Materials panel MCDA. In this Direction for Risk Assessment, the research and technical assistance unit PASER (20 scientists, mainly epidemiologists, biologists, statisticians, engineers in food science) is in charge of quantitative exposure and risk assessment and organises the National Dietary Surveys INCA in France. This unit is in charge of the monitoring of intake for food additives in France and will be strongly involved in FACET.

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Role in Facet:

Work-package leader for WP 3 food additives, participation in WP 5 and to WP6

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Dr. Jean-Charles Leblanc
Role: Principal scientific staff member. He manages the team in charge of exposure assessment at Afssa/PASER. He manages the French Total Diet Study (TDS) surveillance survey of food additives and contaminants in France.
Experience:Dipl. Biologist. He is active in the field of exposure assessment to contaminants and food additives for more than 10 years. He is member of the EFSA AFC Panel and WHO JECFA where he contributes to exposure assessments to food additives. He also participates in the FAO - WHO GEMS-FOOD surveillance program network and helps developing countries to develop food surveillance programs like TDS.

Name: Dr. Jean-Luc Volatier
Role: Head of PASER unit at Afssa. He is a statistician (MSc) specialized in survey statistics and biostatistics in the field of food safety.
Experience: He has been working in the field of dietary surveys and exposure assessment for 15 years. He participated in the former EU SCOOP tasks 4.1 and 4.2 on food additive intake surveillance and worked for EU SCF food additives WG during 2 years. He is responsible for the French National Dietary Survey program INCA. Participation in different EU research projects in the fields of dietary intake and exposure assessment (DAFNE, EFCOSUM, EFCOVAL). He is chairman of EFSA WG on food consumption and exposure (FCE).

Name: Karine Vin
Role:WP3 leader for Afssa
Experience:Engineer in food science. Experience of 10 years in new products formulation and project management in the food industry.

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Partner 6: AFSSA, France
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