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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 7
Short Name: INRAN
Full Name: National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research
Address: Via Ardeatina, 546, Rome, 00178, Italy
Web address:


INRAN is a public research organisation which depends on the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Forestry. Two INRAN research groups are involved in FACET. The “Food Organoleptic Quality” research group has experience and expertise in food quality evaluation studies, approaching the issue by both analytical instrumental methods and sensory procedures. The laboratory is supplied with instrumental systems for GC-MS and HPLC analysis and for the measurement of physical properties of foods. The laboratory also has adequate sensory booth facilities and a trained panel. The "Food safety - exposure analysis” research group has expertise in the exposure assessment of food chemicals present in the diet. It is currently involved in the following EU projects: CASCADE, EFCOVAL and HELENA This research group is the Italian contact point of the EFSA Expert group on food consumption data.

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Role in Facet:

INRAN leads the WP2 - Flavourings and will be involved in the WP5 – Food intake, WP8 – Database and modelling and WP6 – Chemical occurrence.
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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Dr. Catherine Leclercq
Role: Principal scientific staff member of the FACET project, nutritionist and expert in the assessment of dietary exposure to chemicals.
Experience: Researcher, leader of the research group “Food safety – Exposure analysis” at the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research. She has been involved in a number of national and international projects aimed at assessing the dietary exposure to various substances that may constitute a health hazard for consumers and is currently the leading scientist for INRAN of the following EU project HELENA, EFCOVAL and CASCADE. She has been an expert in the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) since 2002 and in Panels and working groups of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA ) since 2003.

Name: Pasquale Buonocore
Role: Early Dietician. He will be involved in support activities during the occurrence survey.
Experience: He has experience in field surveys and databases management.

Name: Cinzia Le Donne
Role: Research assistant, nutritionist, who will be involved in the WP 2.1 task 2 for selection of target flavouring substances and in the occurrence survey.
Experience: She was involved in the design and carrying out of food surveys and has experience in dietary exposure assessment. She is involved in the EFCOVAL as project manager for INRAN and within this project she designed and conducted a survey among database managers of food consumption surveys in the EU. Within the EU project NOFORISK project ("Quantitative risk assessment strategies for novel foods”) she managed the occurrence database. She collaborated to the writing of monographs on food additives for the Sixty third and Sixty ninth meetings of the JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives). She is a member of the Italian National Committee Codex Alimentarius, Working group on Food Additives and Contaminants. She is also a member of the Working Group B of the EFSA Panel ANS (Food Additives and Nutrient Sources added to Food)

Name: Marika Ferrari
Role: Researcher, biologist. She will collaborate to the definition of food categorization system for flavouring substances in WP 2.2 task 2.
Experience: Till now, she has been involved in research projects related to public health nutrition. She participated to several projects on food and nutrition surveillance in developing and developed countries; her main area of research has included biochemical measurements of iron and vitamin A status and anthropometry and body composition indices. Also, she carried out research on the role of phytoestrogens in human health and hormone-dependent diseases (isoflavones) (EU project PHYTOS and ISOHEART ). She was involved in the EU project HELENA as project manager for INRAN.

Name: Lorenza Mistura
Role: Statistician. She will be responsible of the design of the databases relative to concentration (WP2.1 task 1), occurrence (WP6 task 1) and food categorization (WP2.2 task 1 and 2) of the flavouring substances and she will collaborate to the design and testing of the software that will be developed within the FACET project for the assessment of dietary exposure.
Experience: She has experience in the use of statistical softwares and related computing systems for data analysis and data management in nutritional and food consumption surveys. She has been actively involved in the EU project EURO-PREVOBon social and economic determinants of nutrition, physical activity and obesity in Europe and at the sub-regional level.

Name: Raffaela Piccinelli
Role: Research assistant, nutritionist, manager of INRAN databases used in food consumption surveys (WP2.2).
Experience: She has been involved in the design and management of the Italian national food databases used in dietary surveys (food composition, portion size, recipes). She has expertise in the management of data for the assessment of nutrient intake and of dietary exposure to chemicals. In particular, she participated to the assessment of dietary exposure to endocrine disrupters in infant (within the EU project CASCADE) and to chemicals and nutrients (within the EU project "MONTECARLO").

Name: Antonio Raffo
Role: Researcher, food chemist. He will be involved in the choice of the 40 target flavourings (WP 2.1 task 2), in the development of the database of concentration of flavourings and in the analytical determinations of flavourings in processed foods and beverages available on the market (WP2.1 task 3 and 4).
Experience: He is involved in the “Food Organoleptic Quality” INRAN research group.  He has been involved in research on aroma compounds in foods and in the development of analytical methods for the determination of volatile compounds in horticultural products. At present he is in charge for analytical determinations of aroma compounds within the EU project “Quality analysis at critical control points within the whole food chain and their impact on food quality, safety and health” (QACCP), 2007-2009 ( CORE Organic).”

Name: Stefania Sette
Role: Senior dietician. She is the project manager of the FACET project for INRAN. She will cooperate to the development of the food categorization system for flavouring substances.
Experience: She is the database manager of the last Italian national food consumption survey INRAN-SCAI 2005-2006). She has long experience in the design and carrying out of dietary surveys, and in the development of food databases. She is also member of the EFSA Expert group on food consumption data since 2007.

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Partner 7: INRAN, Italy
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