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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 8
Short Name: TUM
Full Name: Technical University Munich
Address: Arcisstrasse 21, Munich, 80333, Germany
Web address:


The Chair of General Food Technology belongs to the Department of Food and Nutrition of the Food and Life Science Center of the Technical University Munich (TUM) in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany. Research focuses on the application of analytical methods to the assessment of food quality and safety. The techniques established range from metabolite profiling (GC-MS) of crops to the analysis of minor lipids (LC-GC-MS). In particular, the group has long and extensive experience in the investigation of volatile constituents occurring in fruits and vegetables. The laboratory is equipped with modern instrumentation for analytical and sensory analyses of flavouring substances. Major expertise has been built up regarding the capillary gas chromatographic separation of enantiomers using chiral stationary phases (MDGC), the analysis of sulphur-containing trace constituents and the application of enzymes to kinetic resolutions of chiral aroma compounds.

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Role in Facet:

TUM will be involved in the Flavourings WP. Main responsibilities will be the selection of representative flavouring substances and the establishment of analytical data on flavouring substances in foods.

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Engel
Role: He is a principal scientific staff member involved in this project, is a food chemist by education
Experience: He has been involved in research on aroma compounds in foods for more than two decades. He has also extensive experience regarding the regulatory assessment of foods and food ingredients. He has been chair of the Working Group “Flavourings” of the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission and holds this position presently in the AFC Panel of EFSA. He has contributed with his broad analytical expertise to several EU projects ( SAFOTEST, ENTRANSFOOD , NOFORISK, and SAFEFOODNET ).

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Partner 8: TUM, Germany
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