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Project Consortium Partners

Partner Code: 9
Short Name: FABES
Full Name: FABES Forschungs- GmbH
Address: Schragenhofstrasse 35, Munich, 80992, Germany
Web address:


FABES Ltd. is a private R&D company founded in 1997 by Dr. Piringer. The expertise of FABES is the investigation of mass transfer from various types of materials into contact media, the theoretical modelling of migration and development of user friendly software for migration modelling. The main field of activity is the investigation of migration from packaging into foods and food simulants. The company owns state of the art analytical equipments and develops expert theoretical models and software for migration simulations. At FABES Dr. Peter Mercea leads the group which develops software for migration modelling and uses these tools for evaluation/interpretation of experimental migration data.

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Role in Facet:

Coordinative responsibility for WP4.2 - development of models for the migration from multi layer/multi materials into foods and their use to calculate from the data produced in WP4.2c the migration parameters needed for the exposure estimations.

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Scientific & Technical Team

Name: Dr. O. Piringer
Role: Leader of FABES since 1997.
Experience: Dipl. Chemist. Before FABES he was head of department at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (FHG-IVV). Coordinator of the STM4-CT98-7513 project - scientific foundation for implementing in Article 8 of the Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC the modelling of migration. Actively involved in the EU-projects "Certified Reference Materials" (Contract G6RD-CT2000-00411), FoodMigrosure and MIGRESIVES. Active as national expert to EU Commission DG SANCO and the German “Plastics Commission‘. As (co)author on more than 100 scientific publications in the food packaging area.

Name: Dr. Peter Mercea
Role: Contract scientist for FABES Ltd. - develops modelling tools (including software) for “mass transfer phenomena” and “interaction between packaging and foodstuffs”.
Experience: Dipl. Physicist. Involved as expert in the STM4-CT98-7513 project, FoodMigrosure and MIGRESIVES. Before 1997, he worked for 20 years in research institutions from Romania, Russia, USA and Germany in the field of substance separation with membranes and mass transfer from packaging materials.

Name: Mrs. Anja Zülch
Experience: Dipl. Food & Nutrition Scientist. Highly qualified in analytical chemistry, coordinated activities of FABES in the framework of the FoodMigrosure project and actively involved in the EU project MIGRESIVES.

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Partner 9: FABES, Germany
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