27th April 2016
Prof Shea Fanning leads new EI Food Industry Partnership, SAFE, with leading Irish and international companies

11th April 2016
Congratulations to Prof John O'Doherty who received the BSAS Sir John Hammond Award in recognition of his research in animal science

16 February 2016
The Institute is looking for male volunteers to take part in a study which will look at the benefits of a milk-based drink on health.

Wednesday 3rd February 2016
Congratulations to Aoibheann McMorrow and Claire Lyons who have been nominated as finalists for the American Society for Nutrition's 'Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science' Award.

10 December 2015
UCD and University of California, Davis, honour Professor Wim Saris, at the 2015 John E Kinsella Memorial Lecture