Dr Lorraine Brennan awarded prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant

18th March 2015 


Congratulations to Dr Lorraine Brennan who has been award over €2M through the European Research Council (ERC) to develop new nutrition research tools. Dr Brennan is a senior lecturer in UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science and principal investigator in both at the UCD Institute of Food and Health and at the UCD Conway Institute for Biomedical and Biomolecular Research. Her research programme focuses metabolism and health using metabolomic techniques. 

Metabolomics involves measuring small molecules present in a biological sample such as glucose in urine or blood for example. This reveals valuable information on metabolic pathways in the body and how they are altered in diet related diseases or different dietary regimes. 

Through this ERC award, Dr Brennan intends to apply metabolomics in nutrition research to identify new biomarkers of dietary intake. 

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Brennan said, "It is fantastic to get such funding as it allows researchers to perform high risk research which could have major impacts in the future”. 

The funding will support the expansion of Dr Brennan’s research programme both in terms of people and equipment. 

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Lab Insight: Dr Lorraine Brennan (Courtesy of the UCD Conway Institute)