Prof Helen Roche appointment

Monday 21st September 

Professor Helen Roche has recently been elected chair of the European Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (HDHL) Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (HDHL) Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) was initiated by the European Commission to enhance R&D cooperation to address the major societal challenges for Health and Nutrition. The promotion of healthy lifestyles with better diets and increased physical activity is of utmost importance for future public health, well-being and prosperity in Europe. Food production and human nutrition are embedded into rapidly changing scientific, economic and societal environments. It is increasingly evident that poor diet, life-style choices and obesity are key determinants for many chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

The HDHL JPI SAB provides a European Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) or roadmap for harmonised and structured research activities with defined priorities to achieve these goals relating to food, nutrition and health. The intention is to enhance European research infrastructures and expertise to feed into public health policies. The focus is on healthy living and ageing, not only on increasing the chance of living for more years, but preventing and postponing the onset of the common, chronic diet-related diseases.