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Policy Workshop Papers
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Feeding the World in 2050

‌By the year 2050 the global population will have risen by 50% with an additional 3 billion mouths to feed. In the same period, it is predicted that climate change will cause agriculture output to fall by as much as 25% in at risk areas.

In January 2013, the Institute hosted a two-day symposium to discuss possible global actions and solutions to these issues. The symposium was held in association with the Irish Presidency of the Council of the EU, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. It was attended by over 200 delegates from around the world and its aim was to stimulate policy makers to consider the issue of global food security and the role which Ireland can play in the area.

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Fat and Sugar Taxes: Will they solve the problem? (June 2012)

In the fourth of our policy seminars, held in conjunction with the UCD Geary Institute, the impact of fiscal interventions, such as the imposition of fat and sugar taxes, on public health and the growing obesity epidemic was discussed.

Personalised Nutrition: Where’s the Business?

The third of our policy seminars, ‘Personalised Nutrition - Where’s the Business’ brought together a multi-sectoral group to hear the various perspectives and to explore connectivity in the exciting area of personalised nutrition. Discussions included opportunities for joint research projects; exploration of entrepreneurship possibilities; the identification of both the scale and extent of business opportunities in the areas of genetic profiling, analyses of biofluids, biomarker discovery; and the development of user-friendly sensors and software.

You can watch the presentations given on the day below and download a copy of the discussion document (here) 

Shaping Future Surveillance and Biosecurity Policies for the Irish Food Chain (June 2010)

In the second of our policy workshops the background and learning outcomes of a number of well-publicised food-borne outbreaks were discussed.

Speakers provided insights into the food industry and how these events were managed, and most importantly, translated into improvements in food safety and the protection of public health. Arising from discussions during the seminar a number of key recommendations on how bio-security along the food chain can be strengthened were highlighted.

These presentations have been summarised in a policy document along with a number of key recommendations drawn from the Forum Discussion with the audience on the day.