• Evolution of The Project
  • Elements of The Project
  • Location & Size
A Campus Development Which Displays Architectural Excellence And Environmental Sustainability


The Gateway Project is seen as an opportunity to realise a series of interrelated objectives that are important for the development of UCD, Dublin City and the entire country, including:

  1. A landmark entrance to UCD and a focal point for UCD's engagement with the local community and the wider world.
  2. Facilities for the performing and visual arts that will link to UCD's academic programmes, such as, film studies, drama, art history and serve as a resource for the local community.
  3. A suite of state-of-the-art welcome facilities for prospective students, alumni and other visitors to the Belfield campus.
  4. The John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies, a new multi-disciplinary initiative dedicated to the study of the transformation of Ireland and its diaspora.
  5. A dedicated support centre for UCD's expanding population of international students and staff.
  6. A conference hotel and related facilities, that when linked to UCD's existing infrastructure, will support the development of UCD's continuing professional development, knowledge transfer, and conference capabilities.
  7. Retail facilities and medical centre which will serve the 25,000 students and staff using the Belfield campus while providing an additional resource for the local community.
  8. Office space that, given its location, will support the development of knowledge-intensive business in South Dublin.
  9. Establish Belfield as a signature sustainable 21st century university campus through the quality of the Gateway building, it's landscaping and linkages to the rest of the Belfield campus.
  10. Prioritise pedestrian access to the Belfield campus and further encourage and facilitate public transport use
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