UCD has always and continues to strive to provide the best possible protection for personal information held by the University. With the advent of GDPR in May 2018, the university is fully committed to take all necessary actions to ensure compliance with the new legislation. 

As an initial step, we are engaging with all our faculty and staff to ensure that everyone in the UCD community is aware of their rights and obligations under the new legislation.

Our UCD GDPR Road Map over the coming weeks and months includes:

  • A UCD wide 'Personal Data Mapping Exercise', which will help us to become aware of what personal data we hold in UCD currently.
  • A Gap Analysis based on the outcome of the Mapping Exercise, which will guide us from our current state of compliance to the new state of  compliance required by GDPR.
  • An exercise that will identify any policies, procedures and guidelines that will need to be brought in line with GDPR.
  • A GDPR communication and awareness campaign for all faculty, researcher, staff, and UCD members, to make sure everyone in UCD is aware of and compliant with the new Regulation.