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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions for booking facilities within the UCD GEARY Institute

  • Rooms are not available for teaching with the exception of the CSCS PhD programme.
  • Rooms are available for the following purposes
    • Seminar Room (B003/4) - Research Seminars and Conferences (should be considered one room for research seminar and conference purposes). Capacity 70 max
  • Due care must be taken when using GEARY facilities and we would ask you to comply with the following:
    • No permanent markers to be used on the whiteboards. Whiteboards should be cleaned after each use.
    • Please remove any waste including paper, handouts, food wrappings etc…
    • Please leave the rooms as you have found them. If a room is not in a satisfactory condition when you arrive please make administration (B005) aware of this.
  • UCD GEARY Institute will not take responsibility for provision or booking of catering except for GEARY events. For seminars held at lunchtime, attendees may take their lunch into the seminar room as long as the above Terms and Conditions are adhered to.
  • UCD Geary Institute may agree to make a provisional booking for you which you may cancel without penalty. When you confirm a booking you agree to pay the current charges as set out in the venue hire rates.
  • We reserve the right to increase charges on an annual basis therefore bookings made more than 12 months in advance may be subject to an increase charge.
  • UCD Geary Institute reserves the right to alter or cancel any booking that we cannot keep for reasons beyond our control. If this happens we will use all reasonable efforts to provide you with an alternative.
  • Terms and Conditions may be subject to change with prior notice.

Geary Institute Venue Hire Rates

  • Seminar Room (Capacity 70 max)
    Full Day: €300.00 per day
    ½ Day: €150.00 per ½ day or part thereof
  • UCD Schools/Units can avail of a 50% reduction on all full day venue hire rates
  • VAT not applicable.
  • Venue Hire Rates include the use of a Flip Chart, Overhead Projector, Data Projector, Laptop and White Board.
  • No technical support is available for any of the equipment on hire therefore we would recommend the use of an Audio Visual Company/ Technician for non-standard requirements.