The Geary Institute student intern programme

16 March 2011

The Geary Institute Intern programme has been running for a number of years. It offers research experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students, often fully paid but sometimes as a part of course requirements from international universities. Recent interns included Lydia Man, a medical student from UL who worked on arthritis and well-being as part of the SHARE project; and Michael Sagan, quoted below, an economics student from University of  Virginia, who worked on data analysis with the Preparing for Life (PFL) project:

‘I have developed a better understanding of the full details of the data analysis I helped with while I was at Geary, I have come to better (but still not fully) appreciate the complexity of the challenges you face in your evaluation of PFL. I have wanted to do a senior thesis since I began my undergrad career, but I think my experiences at Geary and coursework since have convinced me that I definitely want to focus it on topics in education economics.’

The programme aims to provide a rich research experience that assists students both with their current coursework and in their decisions about future research careers. We encourage interested students to email



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