Contextualising Higher Education Institutes in Modern Ireland

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 13:00:00 GMT

Chris Fitzgerald, University of Limerick

Location: UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy Seminar Room

Contextualising Higher Education Institutes in Modern Ireland


With academic inflation reducing the value of undergraduate degrees in Ireland, students are forced to spend longer in third level institutions in order to qualify through graduate programmes that will ostensibly enable them to enter the jobs market. Many of the programmes offered do not reflect the skills that are needed to enter full-time employment, so students are left unemployed at the end of long years and large sums of money spent in the education system. This presentation highlights this injustice in Irish society and how it negatively effects individuals and the national community.

The presenter will draw on his experience to outline the need for more interdisciplinary collaboration in third level institutions to more effectively disseminate knowledge and efficiently undertake research.


The presentation also gives a linguist’s perspective on the challenges and implications of living in the only native English speaking EU country and how this may effect public policy.