Academic Research Staff

Staff associated with the PhD programme in Complex Systems and Computational Social Science are listed  here. Many of the academic staff involved in the CSCS PhD Thematic Programme are Core Researchers in various active Research Groups across the Geary Institute and CASL and these specific links are also given below:

Ted Cox, CASL / School of Mathematical Sciences

Padraig Cunningham, CASL / School of Computer Science

Stephanie Dornschneider UCD School of Politics and International Relations

Thomas Grund, Dynamics Lab / School of Sociology

Jos Elkink, Dynamics Lab / School of Politics and International Relations

Nial Friel, Dynamics Lab / CASL/School of Mathermatical Sciences

Eoin Flaherty UCD School of Sociology

Claire Gormley, School of Mathematical Sciences

Tamara Hochstrasser UCD Earth Institute

Pablo Lucas, Dynamics Lab / School of Sociology

Brendan Murphy, School of Mathematical Sciences

Diane Payne, Dynamics Lab Geary Institute/CASL

Georgiy Bobashev, UCD Dynamics Lab Adjunct Fellow/ RTI International, USA Link to UCD Research Group

Stephen Kinsella, UCD Dynamics Lab Adjunct Fellow / Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick

External Academic Review

Nigel Gilbert, Centre for Research in Social Simulation, Department of Sociology,University of Surrey

Andreas Pyka, University of Hohenheim,

John Casi, Complexica Inc.

CSCS Programme Director

Diane Payne 

CSCS PhD Fellows

Xiong Hang (Barry)

Gillian Golden

Benjamin Schrempf

Zizhen Wang

Travis G. Tatum

Roland Adorjani

Jane Fitzgerald-Dunne

Mengjie Wang


Conrad Lee

Visiting CSCS PhD Fellows

Zejing Qu (2010-2011)

Research Focus: Regional Innovation-  Research on Jiangsu innovation pathway against global value chains division” funded by Ministry of Education in Jiangsu province

Yueji Zhu (2012-2013)

Research Focus: Complex Socio-economic systems


College of Social Sciences & Law Graduate School

Gillian Johnson (

Collaborative Graduate Programmes Assistant

CSCS Thematic PhD Programme

Geary Institute Administration

Susan Butler Institute Manager  (