Geary WP2010/53 US Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty in a Historical Perspective:  The Impact of Recessions - Don Bredin and Stilianos Fountas
Geary WP2010/52 Gordon Unbound: The Heresthetic of Central Bank Independence in Britain - Sebastian Dellepiane Avellaneda
Geary WP2010/51 Class size effects: evidence using a new estimation technique - Kevin Denny and Veruska Oppedisano
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Geary WP2010/49 Risk Attitudes as an Independent Predictor of Debt - Michael Daly, Liam Delaney and Séamus McManus
Geary WP2010/48 Height and well-being amongst older Europeans - Kevin Denny
Geary WP2010/47 The Socioeconomic Gradient of Obesity in Ireland - David Madden
Geary WP2010/46 European Economic Crisis: Ireland in Comparative Perspective - Niamh Hardiman and Sebastian Dellepiane
Geary WP2010/45 Tests of Hypotheses Arising In the Correlated Random Coefficient Model - James J. Heckman and Daniel Schmierer
Geary WP2010/44 Regulation in Ireland: History, Structure, Style and Reform - Ciara Brown and Colin Scott
Geary WP2010/43 Regulatory Capacity and Networked Governance - Colin Scott and Ciara Brown
Geary WP2010/42 Bringing Domestic Institutions Back into Understanding Ireland’s Economic Crisis - Niamh Hardiman
Geary WP2010/41 When, where and how does de-agencification occur? Exploring agency termination - Muiris MacCarthaigh
Geary WP2010/40 Managing state-owned enterprises in an age of crisis - Muiris MacCarthaigh
Geary WP2010/39 Child Externalising and Internalising Behaviour in the First Year of School: The Role of Parenting in a Low SES Population - Carly Cheevers, Orla Doyle and Kelly McNamara
Geary WP2010/38 Decomposing Gender Differences in College Student Earnings Expectations - Liam Delaney, Colm Harmon and Cathy Redmond
Geary WP2010/37 Size Metrics and Dynamics of Firms Expansion in the European Pharmaceutical Industry - Franco Mariuzzo and Xiaoheng Zhang
Geary WP2010/36 Micro-Level Determinants of Lecture Attendance and Additional Study-Hours - Martin Ryan, Liam Delaney and Colm Harmon
Geary WP2010/35 Parental Education, Grade Attainment & Earnings Expectations among University Students - Liam Delaney, Colm Harmon and Cathy Redmond
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Geary WP2010/32 The Impact of Parental Income and Education on the Schooling of their Children - Arnaud Chevalier, Colm Harmon, Vincent O'Sullivan and Ian Walker
Geary WP2010/31 Pricing Options under Heston’s Stochastic Volatility Model via Accelerated Explicit Finite Differencing Methods - Conall O'Sullivan and Stephen O'Sullivan 
Geary WP2010/30 The Variance Gamma Scaled Self-Decomposable Process in Actuarial Modelling - Conall O'Sullivan and Michael Moloney
Geary WP2010/29 Heterogeneous interpretation of “household expenditure” in survey reports: Evidence and implications of bias - David Comerford and Liam Delaney
Geary WP2010/28 Low Pay, In-Work Poverty and Economic Vulnerability: A Comparative Analysis Using EU-SILC - Brian Nolan, Christopher T. Whelan and Bertrand Maître
Geary WP2010/27 The Economics of Smoking Bans - Charles A.M. de Bartolome and Ian J. Irvine
Geary WP2010/26 What did abolishing university fees in Ireland do? - Kevin Denny
Geary WP2010/25 Recent Developments in Intergenerational Mobility - Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux
Geary WP2010/24 Under Pressure?  The Effect of Peers on Outcomes of Young Adults - Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux, Kjell G. Salvanes
Geary WP2010/23 Protecting the vulnerable: poverty and social exclusion in ireland as the economic crisis emerged - Christopher T. Whelan and Bertrand Maître
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Geary WP2010/20 The Causal Effect of Breastfeeding on Children's Cognitive Development: A Quasi-Experimental Design - Orla Doyle, Kevin Denny
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Geary WP2010/18 The Role of Social Institutions in Inter-Generational Mobility - Brian Nolan, Gosta Esping-Andersen, Christopher T. Whelan, Bertrand Maitre, Sander Wagner
Geary WP2010/17 Promoting the Well-Being of Immigrant Youth - Brian Nolan
Geary WP2010/16 Earning Inequality, Institutions and the Macroeconomy - What Can We Learn from Ireland's Boom Years? - Bertrand Maitre, Brian Nolan and Sarah Voitchovsky
Geary WP2010/15 Political Disagreement and Delegation in a Multi-Level Governance Setting - Annemarije Oosterwaal, Diane Payne, René Torenvlied
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Geary WP2010/13 Economic Crisis and Public Sector Reform: Lessons from Ireland - Niamh Hardiman
Geary WP2010/12 Unravelling Voters’ Perceptions of the Economy - Orla Doyle
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Geary WP2010/09 Understanding the Socio-Economic Distribution and Consequences of Patterns of Multiple Deprivation: An Application of Self-Organising Maps - Christopher T. Whelan, Mario Lucchini, Maurizio Pisati, Bertrand Maître
Geary WP2010/08 A Comparative Anatomy of REITs and Residential Real Estate Indexes: Returns, Risks and Distributional Characteristics - John Cotter, Richard Roll
Geary WP2010/07 Time Varying Risk Aversion: An Application to Energy Hedging - John Cotter, Jim Hanly
Geary WP2010/06 Scaling conditional tail probability and quantile estimators - John Cotter
Geary WP2010/05 Housing Risk and Return: Evidence From a Housing Asset-Pricing Model - Karl Case, John Cotter, Stuart Gabriel
Geary WP2010/04 Oil Volatility and the Option Value of Waiting: An analysis of the G-7 - Don Bredin, John Elder, Stilianos Fountas
Geary WP2010/03 An Analysis of the EU Emission Trading Scheme - Don Bredin, Cal Muckley
Geary WP2010/02 Hedging: Scaling and the Investor Horizon - John Cotter, Jim Hanly
Geary WP2010/01 Investigating Sources of Unanticipated Exposure in Industry Stock Returns - Don Bredin, Stuart Hyde