Geary WP2011/36 Financial and Regulatory Failure: The Case of Ireland - Kenneth Patrick Vincent O'Sullivan and Stephen Kinsella
Geary WP2011/35 Marginal Effects in Multivariate Probit and Kindred Discrete and Count Outcome Models -John Mullahy
Geary WP2011/34 Cost-sensitive classification for rare events: an application to the credit rating model validation for SMEs - Raffaella Calabrese
Geary WP2011/33 Multivariate Fractional Regression Estimation Of Econometric Share Models - John Mullahy
Geary WP2011/32 The Role of Noncognitive Traits in Undergraduate Study Behaviours - Liam Delaney, Colm Harmon and Martin Ryan
Geary WP2011/31 Integration and Contagion in US Housing Markets - John Cotter, Stuart Gabriel and Richard Roll
Geary WP2011/30 Words to the Wise: Stock Flow Consistent Modeling of Financial Instability - Stephen Kinsella
Geary WP2011/29 Does ownership affect the provision of health services in Ireland? - The Case of Hip Replacements in Public and Private Clinics - Gerald O'Nolan, Stephen Kinsella and Eoin Reeves
Geary WP2011/28 Politics, policy preferences and the evolution of Irish bureaucracy: A framework for analysis - Muiris MacCarthaigh
Geary WP2011/27 Ordering Things: The Irish Administration Database - Niamh Hardiman and Colin Scott
Geary WP2011/26 Bad banks choking good banks: simulating balance sheet contagion - Saed Khalil and Stephen Kinsella
Geary WP2011/25 Analysing Intergenerational Influences on Income Poverty and Economic Vulnerability with EU-SILC - Christopher T. Whelan, Bertrand Maitre and Brian Nolan
Geary WP2011/23 The Social Stratification of Social Risks: Class and Responsibility in the 'New' Welfare State - Olivier Pintelon, Bea Cantillon, Karel Van den Bosch and Christopher T. Whelan
Geary WP2011/22 Is Ireland really the role model for austerity? - Stephen Kinsella
Geary WP2011/21 Identifying Childhood Deprivation: How Well do National Indicators of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Ireland Perform? - Christopher T. Whelan and Bertrand Maitre
Geary WP2011/20 Generalized Extreme Value Regression for Binary Rare Events Data: an Application to Credit Defaults - Raffaella Calabrese and Silvia Angela Osmetti
Geary WP2011/19 A Model of Partnership Formation with Friction and Multiple Criteria - Stephen Kinsella and David M. Ramsey
Geary WP2011/18 Patterns of Conflict in the Great Lakes Retion - Lupa Ramadhani, Jennifer Todd and Patrick Paul Walsh
Geary WP2011/17 Legal protection of investors, corporate governance, and investable premia in emerging markets - Stephen Kinsella, Thomas O'Connor and Vincent O'Sullivan
Geary WP2011/16 The Experience of Unemployment in Ireland: A Thematic Analysis - Liam Delaney, Michael Egan and Nicola O' Connell
Geary WP2011/15 Economic Returns to Education: What We Know, What We Don't Know and Where We Are Going - Some Brief Pointers by Colm Harmon
Geary WP2011/14 Exporting Poor Health: The Irish in England - Liam Delaney, Alan Fernihough, James P. Smith
Geary WP2011/13 Economic Vulnerability and Severity of Debt Problems: An Analysis of the Irish EU-SILC 2008 - Helen Russell, Bertrand Maitre and Christopher T. Whelan
Geary WP2011/12 The Impact of Parental Earnings and Education on the Schooling of Children - Arnaud Chevalier, Colm Harmon, Vincent O'Sullivan and Ian Walker
Geary WP2011/11 The EU 2020 Poverty Target - Brian Nolan and Christopher T Whelan
Geary WP2011/10 How do NMS immigrants fare within the enlarged EU labour market?  The case of Ireland - Sarah Voitchovsky
Geary WP2011/09 Civic Returns to Education: its Effect on Homophobia - Kevin Denny
Geary WP2011/08 Report on Children's Profile at School Entry 2008 - 2011 - Orla Doyle and Kelly McNamara
Geary WP2011/07 US Oil Price Exposure:  The Industry Effects - Don Bredin and John Elder
Geary WP2011/06 A Utility Based Approach to Energy Hedging - John Cotter and Jim Hanly
Geary WP2011/05 Corporate Payout Policy in Japan - Abhinav Goyal and Cal Muckley
Geary WP2011/04 An Empirical Analysis of Dynamic Multiscale Hedging using Wavelet Decomposition - Thomas Conlon and John Cotter
Geary WP2011/03 Governing the Irish Economy: A Triple Crisis - Sebastian Dellepiane and Niamh Hardiman
Geary WP2011/02 Relative Concerns of Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China - Alpaslan Akay, Olivier Bargain, Klaus F. Zimmermann
Geary WP2011/01 Tax-Benefit Systems in Europe and the US: Between Equity and Efficiency - Olivier Bargain, Mathias Dolls, Dirk Neumann, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch