Geary WP2012/28

Fiscal Politics In Time: Pathways to Fiscal Consolidation, 1980-2012 - Sebastian Dellepiane, Niamh Hardiman

Geary WP2012/27

Non-Technical Skills (NTS) for Enhancing Patient Safety: Achievements and Future Directions - Naonori Kodate, Alastair Ross,Janet Anderson and Rhona Flin

Geary WP2012/26

Modelling Downturn Loss Given Default - Raffaella Calabrese

Geary WP2012/25

Preferences for Redistribution in Europe - Javier Olivera

Geary WP2012/24

Estimating bank loans loss given default by generalized additive models - Raffaella Calabrese

Geary WP2012/23

Don't stress: early life conditions, hypertension and selection into associated risk factors - Mark E. McGovern

Geary WP2012/22

Still unequal at birth: birth weight, socioeconomic status and outcomes at age 9 - Mark E. McGovern

Geary WP2012/21

The labour-market returns to community college degrees, diplomas and certificates - Christopher Jepsen, Kenneth Troske and Paul Coomes

Geary WP2012/20

The division of parental transfers in Europe - Javier Olivera Angulo

Geary WP2012/19

Downside risk and the energy hedger's horizon - Thomas Conlon and John Cotter

Geary WP2012/18

Commodity futures hedging, risk aversion and the hedging horizon - Thomas Conlon, John Cotter and Ramazan Gencay

Geary WP2012/17

Can metropolitan housing risk be diversified?  A cautionary tale from the recent boom and bust - John Cotter, Stuart Gabriel and Richard Roll

Geary WP2012/16

Uniform correlation structure and convex stochastic ordering in the Polya urn scheme - Raffaella Calabrese

Geary WP2012/15

Estimators of Binary Spatial Autoregressive Models: A Monte Carlo Study - Raffaella Calabrese and Johan A. Elkink

Geary WP2012/14

Single-name concentration risk in credit portfolios: a comparison of concentration indices - Raffaella Calabrese and Francesco Porro

Geary WP2012/13 Reassessing the EU 2020 Poverty Target an Analysis of EU-SILC 2009 - Bertrand Maitre, Brian Nolan and Christopher T. Whelan
Geary WP2012/12 Breaking the Cycle of Deprivation: An Experimental Evaluation of an Early Childhood Intervention - Orla Doyle
Geary WP2012/11 Multidimensional Poverty Measurement in Europe: An Application of the Adjusted Headcount Approach - Christopher T. Whelan, Brian Nolan and Bertrand Maître
Geary WP2012/10 SCHOOLING AND VOTER TURNOUT: Is there an American Exception? - Arnaud Chevalier and Orla Doyle
Geary WP2012/09 Regression Model for Proportions with Probability Masses at Zero and one - Raffaella Calabrese
Geary WP2012/08 Organisational Change in Irish Public Administration - Muiris MacCarthaigh
Geary WP2012/07 The New Politics of Austerity: Fiscal Responses to the Economic Crisis in Ireland and Spain - Sebastian Dellepiane and Niamh Hardiman
Geary WP2012/06 Material Deprivation, Economic Stress and Reference Groups in Europe: An Analysis of EU-SILC2009 - Christopher T. Whelan and Bertrand Maitre
Geary WP2012/05 Understanding Material Deprivation in Europe: A Multilevel Analysis - Christopher T. Whelan and Bertrand Maitre
Geary WP2012/04 Improving Classifier Performance Assessment of Credit Scoring Modules - Raffaella Calabrese
Geary WP2012/03 Crisis in the Irish Banking System - Blánaid Clarke and Niamh Hardiman
Geary WP2012/02 What Should Be Done About The Underfunding of Defined Benefit Pension Schemes? - John Cotter, David Blake and Kevin Dowd
Geary WP2012/01 A Practical Introduction to Stata - Mark E. McGovern