Geary WP2014/15 International migration in Ireland, 2013 - Philip O'Connell and Corona Joyce
Geary WP2014/14 The non-linear trade-off between return and risk:  a regime-switching multi-factor framework - John Cotter and Enrique Salvador
Geary WP2014/13 Family size as a social leveller for children in the second demographic transition - Tony Fahey
Geary WP2014/12 Can housing risk be diversified?  A cautionary tale from the housing boom and bust - John Cotter, Stuart Gabriel and Richard Roll
Geary WP2014/11 Maternal employment, childcare and childhood overweight during infancy - Thérèse McDonnell and Orla Doyle
Geary WP2014/10 Can early intervention policies improve wellbeing?  Evidence from a randomized controlled trial - Michael Daly, Liam Delaney, Orla Doyle, Nick Fitzpatrick and Christine O'Farrelly
Geary WP2014/09 Activation and Active Labour Market Policies in OECD Countries:Stylized Facts and Evidence on their Effectiveness - John P. Martin
Geary WP2014/08 The Effects of Cancer in the English Labour Market - David Candon
Geary WP2014/07 Economic Stress and the Great Recession in Ireland: Polarization, Individualization or 'Middle Class Squeeze'? - Bertrand Maítre, Helen Russell and Christopher T Whelan
Geary WP2014/06 A Formal Investigation of Inequalities in Health Behaviours After Age 50 on the Island of Ireland - Eibhlin Hudson, David Madden and Irene Mosca
Geary WP2014/05 Anatomy of a Bail-In - Thomas Conlon and John Cotter
Geary WP2014/04 Performance of Utility Based Hedges - John Cotter and Jim Hanly
Geary WP2014/03 The Conditional Pricing of Systematic and Idiosyncratic Risk in the UK Equity Market - John Cotter, Niall O'Sullivan and Francesco Rossi
Geary WP2014/02 Sovereign and Bank CDS Spreads: Two Sides of the Same Coin? - John Cotter and Davide Avino
Geary WP2014/01 From the Great Lakes to the Great Rift Valley: Does Strategic Economic Policy Explain the 2009 Malawi Election? - Samuel Brazys, Peter Heaney and Patrick Paul Walsh