Geary WP2015/23

Family Patterns and Social Inequality among Children in the United States 1940-2012: A Re-assessment- Tony Fahey

Geary WP2015/22

Are the effects of height on well-being a tall tale?- Kevin Denny

Geary WP2015/21

Understanding the 2015 Marriage Referendum in Ireland: Constitutional Convention, Campaign, and Conservative Ireland- Johan A. Elkink, David M. Farrell, Theresa Reidy and Jane Suiter


Geary WP2015/20

Paying for the Welfare State in the European Periphery- Sebastian Dellepiane-Avellaneda and Niamh Hardiman

Geary WP2015/19

Job Loss by Wage Level: Lessons from the Great Recession in Ireland- Brian Nolan and Sarah Voitchovsky

Geary WP2015/18

Capital controls, financial crisis and the investment saving nexus: Evidence from Iceland- Hamid Raza, Gylfi Zoega and Stephen Kinsella

Geary WP2015/17

These Little PIIGS Went to Market: Enterprise Policy and Divergent Recovery in European Periphery-Samuel Brazys and Aidan Regan

Geary WP2015/16

Differences in Borrowing Behaviour between Core and Peripheral Economies— Economic Environment versus Financial Perceptions-Weiou Wu, Apostolos Fasianos and Stephen Kinsella

Geary WP2015/15

Multifamily Housing and Resident Life Satisfaction: Evidence from the European Social Survey- Nessa Winston

Geary WP2015/14

Asset Price Keynesianism, Regional Imbalances and the Irish and Spanish Housing Booms and Busts- Michelle Norris and Michael Byrne

Geary WP2015/13

How did Immigrants fare in the Irish Labour Market over the Great Recession? - Elish Kelly, Seamus McGuinness, Philip J. O'Connell, Alberto González Pandiella and David Haugh

Geary WP2015/12

Polarization or “Squeezed Middle” in the Great Recession? : A Comparative European Analysis of the Distribution of Economic Stress- Christopher T. Whelan, Brian Nolan and Bertrand Maítre

Geary WP2015/11

A model supporting research on children growing up in asylum systems - Robert Mooney

Geary WP2015/10

The exchange motive in intergenerational transfers - Sanna Nivakoski

Geary WP2015/09

Wealth and the effect of subjective survival probability- Sanna Nivakoski

Geary WP2015/08

Second chance for high-school dropouts?  A regression discontinuity analysis of postsecondary educational returns to general educational development certification - Christopher Jepsen, Peter Mueser and Kenneth Troske

Geary WP2015/07

International migration in Ireland, 2014 - Philip O'Connell and Corona Joyce

Geary WP2015/06

Economic uncertainty, parental selection and children’s educational outcomes - Arnaud Chevalier and Olivier Marie

Geary WP2015/05

Early intervention and child health: Evidence from a Dublin-based randomized controlled trial - Orla Doyle, Nick Fitzpatrick, Judy Lovett and Caroline Rawdon

Geary WP2015/04

Public service activities among University staff - Sanna Nivakoski, Philip O'Connell and Mark Hargaden

Geary WP2015/03

Subject specific league tables and students'application decisions - Arnaud Chevalier

Geary WP2015/02

Long-run international diversification - Thomas Conlon, John Cotter and Ramazan Gençay

Geary WP2015/01

Eurozone bank resolution and Bail-In - Intervention, triggers and writedowns - Thomas Conlon and John Cotter