Geary WP2016/15

Social housing’s role in the Irish property boom and bust - Michael Byrne and Michelle Norris

Geary WP2016/14

Childhood obesity and maternal education in Ireland - David Madden

Geary WP2016/13

Economic stress and the great recession in Ireland:- the erosion of social class advantage - Christopher T Whelan, Brian Nolan and Bertrand Maître

Geary WP2016/12

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide: asset diversification in a flat world - John Cotter, Stuart Gabriel and Richard Roll

Geary WP2016/11

Phonological awareness, vocabulary and internalizing behavior. A closer look at the associations in preschoolers using a structural equation modeling approach - Lisa-Christine Girard and Luigi Girolametto

Geary WP2016/10

Self-reported health in good times and in bad: Ireland in the 21st century - Kevin Denny and Patricia Franken

Geary WP2016/09

International Migration in Ireland, 2015- Philip J. O’Connell, Corona Joyce and Susan Whelan

Geary WP2016/08

Prioritizing the “worse off” under attainability constraints: An indeterminacy problem for distributive fairness- Anders Herlitz and David Horan

Geary WP2016/07

Employment and the Risk of Domestic Violence: Does the Breadwinner’s Gender Matter?- César Alonso-Borrego and Raquel Carrasco

Geary WP2016/06

Non-cognitive development in infancy: the influence of maternal employment and the mediating role of childcare-Thérèse McDonnell

Geary WP2016/05

Privatising Public Housing Redevelopment: grassroots resistance, co-operation and devastation in three Dublin neighbourhoods- Michelle Norris and Rory Hearne

Geary WP2016/04

Austerity in the European periphery: the Irish experience- Niamh Hardiman, Spyros Blavoukos, Sebastian Dellepiane-Avellaneda and George Pagoulatos

Geary WP2016/03

The Great Recession and the Changing Distribution of Economic Stress across Income Classes and the Life Course in Ireland: A Comparative Perspective- Christopher T. Whelan, Brian Nolan and Bertrand Maítre

Geary WP2016/02

The Intervaling Effect on Higher-Order Co-Moments - Thomas Conlon, John Cotter and Chenglu Jin


Geary WP2016/01

Credit Default Swaps as Indicators of Bank Financial Distress - Davide Avino, Thomas Conlon and John Cotter